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Administration Guide · Introduction - A brief introduction to the UBB.threads software. Control Panel - An overview of the main Control Panel. ] Master Settings - An overview of the Master Settings section of the Control Panel. ] Display Options - An overview of the Displa
Backup Guide · What Is Covered Summary Manual Backups ] Creating Manual Backups The UBB.threads Backup Utility ] Using the UBB.threads Backup Utility Creating a File Backup ] Using tar to Create a Backup of Files Summary Creating regular backups of your forum, or
Converting to UTF8 · By Isaac DeCoursey Edited by James Corthell What Is Covered Summary Converting Your Forums ] Duplicating your Database in MySQL via PHPMyAdmin ] Converting your MySQL Database via PHPMyAdmin ] Converting your MySQL Tables via PHPMyAdmin ] Repairing y
Creating a New UBB.threads Page · What Is Covered Summary Example Files ] Example Language File ] Example Script File ] Example Template File Summary Creating a new system (page) in UBB.threads can be a challenge, even to a vested veteran; but examples are everywhere within the syst
Getting Started Guide · Summary This guide gives an overview on getting started with your forum and covers basic steps like adding your first categories, forums, and sub-forums. Getting Started with Forums Managing a Category Managing a Forum Managing a Sub-Forum Getting
Install Guide · Before you install UBB.threads we recommend that you browse the Pre-Installation Checklist and test your server with the UBB.threads System Requirement Test. This guide will provide information required for your install (system requirements and basic
Introduction · Welcome to the UBB.threads Community Congratulations on choosing UBB.threads, the most customizable PHP-based forum software on the planet. This Administration Guide will assist you with maintaining your software after installation. All operations ou
Managing a Gallery Forum · What Is Covered Summary ImageMagick vs GD Adjusting Gallery Settings ] ImageMagick Settings ] Gallery Forum Settings Creating a Gallery Forum Creating a New Gallery Post Summary The Gallery Forums feature of UBB.threads is a good option to allow you
Migration Guide · Summary This guide is designed to help you migrate your forums from one webhost to another; it assumes you have some basic knowledge of linux/windows servers, and are capable of administering them. If you are not comfortable with preforming a migrati
Moderation Guide · Summary This guide gives an overview of various functions for a Moderator or Global Moderator. The primary distinction between the two is that, where a Moderator is the mod of a forum, a Global Moderator is a mod of all forums. Where both groups can
Six Steps to a Successful Online Community · Introduction Text Box: … customers gain a lot of value from interacting with one another and often find that the community aspect of a Website is what makes them feel taken care of. -- Patricia Seybold, The World Wide Web is not
Upgrade Guide · What Is Covered Summary Upgrading within UBB.threads v7 Upgrade Notes for v7.5.9 Upgrade Notes for v7.6.2 Upgrading from UBB.Classic 6.7.x ] UBB.Classic - Import ] UBB.Classic - Reusing Your Old Location UBB.Classic - Redirecting to The New Software
UTF-8 vs Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) · By Isaac DeCoursey and James Corthell What Is Covered Summary Converting Caveats Wikipedia Explains Summary The current default internet standard for character sets are UTF8; when UBB.threads was initially written, the database was configured to use
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