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Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
Hour Of Havoc

Interview By: Jamin "Skorpion" Colley,
Discuss: Here

UBBDev: What is your background, and how did you get started on the web?

Hour Of Havoc: I've been on the web since it was deemed "Arpanet" back when IRC wasn't IRC but telnet sessions and BBS' ran wild. My background stems from receiving my first pc when I was 13 (thanks to my generous uncle) and I guess that's when I found my niche. 14 years later, I have dual bachelors degrees in Engineering, and design has become more of a lifestyle than a hobby. I dabble in photoshop, flash, 3D Studio Max, and various other tools of the trade to convey my expressions.

UBBDev: Wow! You've probably been around a lot longer than most people these days. How did you brainstorm the idea behind

Hour Of Havoc: The concept of hourofhavoc stemmed from a collaboration between the minds at Webdrenalin and our Unreal Tournament Clan known as HAVOC. The color scheme was simple once the base foundation of a slate/blue-grey was chosen and from there, I made simple adjustments to hues and saturations to achieve subtle differences throught the site. The posting image bar was of course borrowed from SpawN's original concept of the posting bar mod at UBBDEV and modified to fit Everything else appeared to follow a general concept or theme once that foundation was established and I really wanted to convey something to our target audience that was soothing to the eyes and a user could spend hours on the forums without too much mental strain.

UBBDev: You've certainly done a good job at that. What was your reasoning for purchasing a UBB for your site?

Hour Of Havoc: Thank you! Originally we needed an avenue to express communication amongst our members (Unreal Tournament Clan). I had fooled around with a demo version of the software about 9 months or so ago and ever since then I have found a solid passion for its structure and layout. Not to mention, the members drool over it, especially when they can get involved in the concepts and ideas for design. So I saved up all my lunch money and decided to buy a copy from Infopop and it has definitely been one of my better purchases ever since. Unlike that exercise thing that you squeeze between your legs.

UBBDev: Haha! This one doesn't come with one of those "4 easy payments of just $19.99!" plans, but I agree that it's a much better use of money! What do you like, and dislike, most about UBB?

Hour Of Havoc: HAHA! Exactly! I absolutely dig how sexy the new Control Panel functions within the latest version of UBB. I like the layout, the ease of modifications and understanding, and some of the most recent changes to caching. As far as dislikes are concerned, there really isn't anything I don't like within the UBB software, but I think additions such as a backend database and maybe some more popular hacks included in the core software would definitely help sell.

UBBDev: Yes, that does seem to be the thing a lot of people complain about. How do you keep your site "fresh", and what can you recommend that will keep visitors coming back for more?

Hour Of Havoc: Keeping my site fresh usually requirs LOTS of ziplock bags and a cool storage area. Actually, I think keeping my site fresh comes with my inability to really ever nail something down that never needs to be changed. I feel there is nothing on the "net" that remains static, so to keep up, we must also change. It may be as simple as a color, or an icon, or as large as a complete overhaul. I imagine it stems from how advantageous one feels at that point in time. Believe it or not, keeping my visitors entertained is simple because of the topic that surrounds us. There's lots of interesting content and controversy on the boards if you are interested in Unreal Tournament or in association with our team. However, coming soon, I am hoping to put out a fully public set of boards that anyone can come by and drop a penny or two.

UBBDev: What's the UBB mod that you like the best? And the one your users like the best?

Hour Of Havoc: The custom post count bars without a doubt runs a close first place with the avatars if we're talking straight design mods. Functionality wise, "Who's Online".

UBBDev: Yup, Who's Online is a very popular mod! What's the one mod that you feel is an absolute necessity for your UBB?

Hour Of Havoc: Good question. I would probably have to side with "Who's Online" since my users have established more of a "family" in essence than a team, so we like to remain close and seeing a family member online warrants a quick private message. It was the only hack that my users requested from the get go. The news falls in right behind that as well.

UBBDev: Are there any "tricks of the trade" you'd like to share, so other UBB users can benefit from your experience?

Hour Of Havoc: Most definitely, don't be afraid to explore. Without exploring, there's no education, and without education, there's no knowledge.

UBBDev: How very true! What are your future plans for

Hour Of Havoc: hehe SELF PIMPAGE! Woot!

Well, since Flash is one of my favorite tools, definitely be on the lookout for some kick ass intro design work and integration for the front page. A new navigation system, and some interesting flash "easter eggs" I like to call them, within the threads. Again, a product of exploration.

We are also hosting other Unreal Tournament Clans, so as time progresses, teamplates I call them, for each clan. We are going to strive for a complete Aural and Visual experience.

UBBDev: We look forward to seeing all the cool stuff you'll do in the future!

Congratulations again on having such a great site, and thanks so much for your time!!

Hour Of Havoc: Thank you very much for taking the time to recognize.

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