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Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
Interviewed By: Greg Hard, aka, MasterMind

I got down and dirty (well, not really) with the owners of planethex - our second place winner this month. Here is what both of them had to say. Do YOU like my hair?

UBBDEV: What is your background with computers, and how did you get started on the web?

Cuzz: I had this computer a few years back and never did anything with it. One day, my friend Clayton came over and showed me this demo cd of a game called Quake. He said you could play it on the internet with multiple players. I was such a newbie on PC's I thought my 4mb vid card ruled! Years later, I'm now a web designer for a company in California.

magnus088: It was a jr. High computer class full of old Apple II's. At the time I didn't know we were on the "web". One day I just looked up and that's what it was. Weird huh?

UBBDEV: How did you come up with the idea for planethex?

Cuzz: Planethex developed from a 3 person idea one morning over an AIM chat. Our Counter-Strike Gaming Team needed a website and forums to handle the events and to keep in touch with all of our members. I launched the site in October with the help of my partner (magnus088) and have enjoyed it's popularity in the gaming community.

magnus088: Cuzz designed the initial PlanetHEX and from there, it soon evolved with input from members and our own ideas.

UBBDEV: Why did you choose UBB over other forum software?

Cuzz: I saw a website that was using UBB and really liked what I saw in relationship to how things could be set up and organized. So I bought a copy and went to town. The support for UBB is great. The community is very helpful.

magnus088: ummm. That's what cuzz had?

UBBDEV: Intel or AMD Processors?

Cuzz: Easy answer. Intel.

magnus088: Whatever's on sale.

UBBDEV: Are there any "tricks of the trade" you'd like to share that any UBB owner can use to improve the success of their site?

Cuzz: From a design point of view, use the right color scheme no matter what those colors are. Keep your main site in sync with the UBB layout if possible. Have some fun hacks to keep the visitor coming back for more.

magnus088: I don't know if these are "tricks of the trade," but here goes: 1) View your site on a computer other than your own. 2) Check your syntax (end tags are your friends). 3) Don't force people to register before viewing. It's all about making the use of your boards easier.

UBBDEV: What do you like most about the UBB?

Cuzz: I like it all. There's so much to mess with it's fun. The thing I like most is seeing other UBB's and the way they are designed.

magnus088: The community. We can all argue about features and the like, but it's the community behind it.

UBBDEV: What's your favorite drink?

Cuzz: Pepsi
magnus088: Coke
Cuzz: Pepsi
magnus088: Coke
Cuzz: Pepsi
magnus088: Coke
Cuzz: Pepsi
magnus088: Coke
Cuzz: Pepsi
magnus088: Coke


Greg Hard
UZINE Assistant Coordinator, UBBDev

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