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Joined: Jul 2001
Posts: 1,157
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coffee and code
coffee and code
Joined: Jul 2001
Posts: 1,157
Likes: 82
## snapshot - 2020-09-03
This snapshot contains new features and maintenance items

### Added
- Image viewer for galleries and image attachments has been updated to provide multiple new features.
Briefly, here is what this update provides:
  • Now supports touch and swipe navigation on touchscreen devices, as well as mouse drag, mouse scroll-wheel, and keyboard navigation for desktops. This allows users to navigate between slides by either swipe or mouse drag.
  • Now allows double-clicking on the image to see its actual size. Zoom-in and zoom-out controls can be used for changing the zoom values of the image.
  • Now allows you to share your images/videos to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest with unique URL.
  • Now displays a carousel of thumbnails when multiple images are in the gallery group.

- Private Message/Topics participants are no longer hidden behind a drop-down menu. The current participants are now displayed above the OP.
- New Control Panel config setting for allowing users to Like posts in locked threads.
- Added JustifiedGallery asset version 3.8.1.
- Added LightGallery asset version 1.8.3.

### Changed
- Improved navigation for Likes summary, thread Likes, and user's Likes pages.
- CP: Columns within the SQL Error Log are now zebra-striped, have hover-over row highlighting, and columns are now sortable.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Language Upgrader: This tool has been improved to allow it to be run multiple times for tracking down language file check errors. Available options have been defined.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Language Upgrader: Missing string lines can now be directly copied from the upgrader to your language files. This is useful for forum owners who choose to update their language files manually.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Any obsolete database columns are cleaned up during the upgrade process.
- Updated FontAwesome library from 5.12.1 to version 5.14.0.
- Updated PHPMailer library from 5.2.27 to version 5.2.28.
- Updated Smarty library from 3.1.34 to version 3.1.36.
- Updated jQuery library from 3.4.1 to version 3.5.1.
- Updated Dropzone asset from 5.5.0 to version 5.7.2.
- Updated Expander asset from 1.7.0 to version 2.0.1.
- Updated Jdenticon asset from 2.2.0 to version 3.0.1.
- Updated TableSorter asset from 2.31.2 to version 2.31.3.
- Updated TinyMCE asset from 5.2.0 to version 5.4.2.

### Fixed
- Cursor will now start in the input box when the forum Quick Search is opened.
- Member profile display of posts-per-day for users who have registered within the past 24 hours has been fixed.
- Long post titles in threads will now truncate as needed.
- Reply and Quick-Reply will now reply to the correct post, rather than always replying to the first post in the thread. This also fixes threaded display mode.
- Fixed typo of "Pintrest" to "Pinterest" within the Whos Online referrer list and Social links.
- CP: Post Islands, Gallery Islands, and Popular Topics Islands will now respect the total/limits set from within the control panel portal settings. (Thanks to Digitalgas for being the first to report this bug.)
- CP: The entry boxes for Primary Administrator User and Cookie Lifetime numbers were too small to view in some browsers. (Thanks to Ruben for reporting this bug.)
- CP: Fixed the long-standing rare bug of a blank configuration file ( being written. $_POST must now contain a valid_post key before it will process the file lock_and_write update request.
- CP: StopForumSpam connectivity test has been updated and is now displayed in page rather than as a new window.
- CP: Fixed SQL strict mode Error: 1366 "Incorrect integer value" when creating new forums. (Thanks to FREAK for reporting this bug.)
- CP: Fixed SQL strict mode Error: 1292 "Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value" when deleting an old forum. (Thanks to FREAK for reporting this bug.)
- (UBBT Upgrader) Fix conditional statement related to php 7.1+ for disabled styles.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Fix language upgrader and database altertable layouts.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Fix language file upgrades for ubbt 7.0.0 through 7.5.6.
- (UBBT Upgrader) Fix upgrader scripts related to UBBT 7.0.0: A cache builder check has been added to support upgrades from 2006 and older versions. Fixed a MySQL 4 storage "type" vs "engine" usage to support upgrades from 2008 and older versions.

Current developer of UBB.threads PHP Forum Software
Current Release: UBBT 7.7.5 // Preview: UBBT 8.0.0
isaac @ // my forum @
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