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by Gizmo
Author: Gizmo (James of VNC Web Design)

Valid UBB.Threads 7.4 install and license

[center]This will ONLY work with UBB.threads versions 7.4 and above.[/center]

This mod will import RSS feeds as new topics. You can specify which forums the topics are posted to, and who posts them.

Installation instructions are included in the attached archive. Upload the files following the structure created in the archive.

You can see this script in action on: My Dev Site and UGN Security.

File History
2600 - Initial 7.4+ cleanup.

Known Bugs
  • Will, at times, create duplicate topics; at times these are editorial revisions on some sites (Reuters for example) however.

This mod is a port of an older UBB.threads7 mofification by Ian Spence which you can find here.

For Version 1.2 Please see Isaac's Post below.
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by Gizmo
IIRC as long as the cache time of the feed has passed it should insert data; this should trigger when there is activity on the forum (the file is called on every page view)... So if you've never inserted data and the feeds are valid it should insert data as soon as a page on the main forum is accessed.

This script is simple and maintained just as required, so your mileage will vary.
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by WebGuy
thanks for all the help guys :) I honestly appreciate it.

Its working. I am going to look into your option 3 and see if it makes sense or worth doing :)
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by isaac
Originally Posted by Gizmo
This script is simple and maintained just as required, so your mileage will vary.

Its been updated is as needed here and there. The current version compatible with UBB.threads 7.7.x (and newer) shortly after 7.7.0 was released :)
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by isaac
Sorry, I do not do support in private messaging. More people can benefit from a support reply by making it public, keeping related questions within the correct thread, and on the correct domain.

From your PM to me on
Originally Posted by Mors
Hi Issac,

I did the 1.2 upgrade on the script and I finally figured out I needed to assign a posting user. I got all that setup including creating my new topic feeds table etc.. all that went great.

It's still not posting yet. If I had you look at things what would you want to charge ?

Don't have lots of time and willing to pay for your services :)

If you added cache_builders/rss_topic_creator.php to your footer file, the RSS feed will update when your page footer is viewed and the "Feed Update Interval" timer expires.

You can view ubbt_TOPIC_FEEDS to see what is/is not happening. I believe that if you set LAST_BUILD to 0, the script force itself to run again.

If nothing is populating the database, you may have any of the following issues.
1/ Source feed is ATOM and not RSS 2.0.
2/ Source feed has an error in it.
3/ Source feed is empty.
4/ You are using a bad URL.
5/ You missed part of the directions within the rss_topic_creator.txt documentation.
6/ You have not set a User ID that the feeds should be posted by.
7/ You have not set a forum to put the feeds in to.
8/ Your "Format Of The Posts" is empty or incorrect.
9/ The Topic Feed is not enabled.

TIP: Create an RSS TEST FORUM so you can repete your feed fetches until you have them displaying exactly as you desire. Then you can easily delete the entire forum and all of your test posts in a single swoop of deleting that entire forum. You can also prune your tests with Control Panel > Prune Threads.

But first things first, watch your ubbt_TOPIC_FEEDS database to see if it is getting populated upon 1/ refreshing of a forum page with a footer (usually category page is easiest to do) 2/ setting LAST_BUILD to 0 to the feed in the database.
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