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#323105 10/08/2018 11:32 PM
by Gizmo
Name: UBB.Statistics
Author: James Corthell, VNC Web Services
Requirements: UBB 7.x
Current Version: v20210901
Documentation: Up to date documentation is available at the UBB.Wiki entry UBB.Statistics

UBB.Statistics is a script that we created to display a set of statistics for your UBB.threads install.

Displayed thread statistics can be customized to show only forums that allow guest access, or all forums. Charted data is created with Google Charts, and is subject to their service being available in the future.

Setting $conf["span"] will affect the "recent" section of stats, setting the $conf["max"] will affect the "historical" section of stats; one could have a recent set of 30 days with a historical set of all time, this year, etc.

Demo: UBB.Statistics can be seen at:
A Gardeners Forum
UGN Security

Pricing: $75 per install (each separate install requires a separate license) which includes 1 year of free updates.

How to Buy: You can order via our Script Information page here (there is an order form towards the bottom for PayPal payments).

This addon is not freeware, and as such you cannot freely provide it to others without prior written permission from its author(s). Permission was obtained from the UBB Dev administration to post this non-free addon's information in advance.
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#323618 Sep 1st a 12:05 AM
by Gizmo
Build 20210901 (September 1st, 2021)
Added: Likes Statistics Added and Charted (for Top Liked Users and Top Liked Posts)
Added: A date span can be adjusted to affect the "old"/"oldest" date calculation for "Basic Statistics"
Added: Alpha/Beta release vs Public Release is now displayed within the script; this will allow users to see what Alpha/Beta they may be using and still allow for script update checks.
Added: An "About Script" blurb has been added to the top of the page. This serves as an anchor for links to documentation URLs without having to open the script source.
Added: Several comments were added to our written functions to outline their use.
Added: Short Array Syntax adopted to allow cleaner code and flow consistently with our other scripts. (PHP 5.4 Required)
Added: Added a newest date indicator, any activity in the charts will max out at the supplied date, no charts will build beyond this year.
Added: Accept Admin EMail Totals Added
Added: Placeholders added for future "Top Rated" (Topics/Users) statistics
Added: IDs added to all sections to allow you to link directly to that statistic (ubb.statistics.php#chart-topics)
Change: The Latest Version check has been adjusted and will now function with the changed URL.
Change: Content can be retrieved from the database over the UTF8MB4 character set.
Change: number_format is now being applied to all of the Basic Statistics to allow for human readable numbers.
Change: General Statistics have been retooled and will allow for the standardized display of additional variables that can be added to the arrays.
Change: All UBB.threads related URLs (UBBCentral, UBBDev, UBBWiki, VNC Web Services) have been updated (we're no longer using WWW in our URLs)
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