Posted By: dessy UBB developer needed. - 08/03/2010 8:39 PM

I've got a UBB board that has been up since the 90's (v.7.3.1) and I need some help getting the proper configuration going.

I'd like to hire someone to go in and untangle some of the crappy settings. The current site is a usability mess for my users and I don't have the patience (or apparently the ability) to fix it.

Posted By: Ruben Rocha Re: UBB developer needed. - 08/03/2010 9:51 PM
What are you looking to correct.
There is a vast difference between just going through the permission settings. Versus a custom page and or modifications to the stock code.
Posting the url to the forum might help some members here.
So they can see what is going on.
Posted By: AllenAyres Re: UBB developer needed. - 08/03/2010 9:57 PM
I can fix it for you dessy, I am quite familiar with the wedding industry smile
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