I have problems with this staff
For example, at this part I'd like to have two lines (height 1 px) - first is white (transparent image at white background), and the other is blue:

but at NN6 it looks like line with more then 20px height %(

I tryed to set height as height="1" and height="1px", but with the same result.

At CSS I set paddings and margins in 0, but with the same result.

Help please!!! The whole page you can see here - www.softick.com
how is it supposed to be one px tall when you have it spanning 6 rows?
I've just shown a small part of my table only as illustration of my words. I checked this page (www.softick.com/index.php) by validator and saw no critical errors. Every tag is closed and so on. Ok. Another example:

Is it a better illustration? wink
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