Posted By: Icy Squall The Total Topics And Posts Hack - 06/28/2001 9:39 AM
Hi there, I've been searching around for this hack and I've seen one that was made (I believe by Tovok7) but it was located down where his statistics were at the bottom of the screen.

So then I noticed that this board now has it in the registered member table and that's exactly the one I was looking for.

After using the search function and searching through the modification forums, I was unable to find this particular one that I was looking for. Could someone please direct me to this version if they know where it is? It would be very much appreciated. smile

Side Question: Does this keep accurate count as well when pruning posts or deleting one? I ask this because I saw one version that did not. Thanks for the help.
Posted By: GoTorankusuKu Re: The Total Topics And Posts Hack - 06/28/2001 10:02 AM
Posted By: Icy Squall Re: The Total Topics And Posts Hack - 06/28/2001 7:43 PM
Thanks a lot dude. It works like a charm.

Feel free to close this at will. smile
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