Posted By: Icy Squall What The...(A UBB Bug?) - 07/17/2001 4:25 AM
Hi there. Tonight when I came in to check my board, I noticed a post from a member with a username that was registered a while ago. When I looked in my memberlist, I noticed that there were two people with the same publicly displayed name. Is there any way I can correct this at all so that people can't have the same publicly displayed name?

Oh and if you do need a link to my board, I'll link you directly to the memberlist on my board. While the login names are different, there are two public names named 'Bob.'


Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Mr.Clean Re: What The...(A UBB Bug?) - 07/17/2001 4:39 AM
hmm that is very wrong! this should not be something peoplec an do! they should change that
Posted By: Travis Re: What The...(A UBB Bug?) - 07/17/2001 4:54 AM
I've had this happen, just change one of em is all I can say. It may be a bug, or it may be a bug resulting from a certain hack.
Posted By: Icy Squall Re: What The...(A UBB Bug?) - 07/17/2001 5:12 AM
I highly doubt it's any hack I've installed on my board as I believe the only thing I've inserted into any registration page is code for qasic's avatar hack and that does not interfere with any of the username fields.

I'm thinking there wouldn't be much modifying to this but I assume that the login name is protected from being made if someone already has it? And if that is the case, would it end up being as simple as adding in whatever would be needed to help protecting identical public names?

I would just take out the public name feature but unfortunately some of my staff members have different login names than their normal public names. frown

[EDIT]I do know that trying to change a login name from the backserver doesn't work as it will mess up their account so I can't just have that completely resolved either. frown

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Posted By: Mr.Clean Re: What The...(A UBB Bug?) - 07/17/2001 5:24 AM
open your registration page .pl and take out the public display part that is what i did soo they login name is the same as public display name
Posted By: GoTorankusuKu Re: What The...(A UBB Bug?) - 07/17/2001 6:19 AM
This problem was fixed in 6.04e a long time ago...upgrade to 6.05...
Posted By: Icy Squall Re: What The...(A UBB Bug?) - 07/17/2001 6:28 AM
Well....um....crap. That kind of sucks. Oh well thanks for the help dude. Any mod or admin can close this when they see it.

*Goes to get the latest version and reinstall all of his hacks currently in*
Posted By: SirGrendel Re: What The...(A UBB Bug?) - 07/18/2001 2:44 PM
Oh, **** . So that means I have to upgrade my board just because of that bug? mad
**** happens.

I think I will deactivate that feature too, on't have the time to reinstall all my hacks.
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