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Name: UBB.Membermap
Author: James Corthell, VNC Web Services
Requirements: UBB.threads 7.x
Current Version: 20191222
Documentation: Up to date documentation is available at the UBB.Wiki entry UBB.Membermap

UBB.Membermap was created to allow webmasters a quick and easy way of feeding links to their member database into Search Engines by way of a Sitemap.

This script aids in the "discovery" portion of search engine crawling; instead of waiting and hoping that your URL's get crawled, an XML Sitemap alerts Google (or any crawlers which allow sitemaps) as to what URLs exist on your forums, so they know what to crawl based on what you tell them.

Most search engines will check your feed every so often (time-frame unknown) run through the links in order to determine any new new URLs, on a Google Webmaster Tools account, you can browse exactly how many URLs have been included, as well as when the last time they have hit your site.

Please note however, that Google will still crawl your site and try to perform its own discovery, so please do not use a robots.txt entry to block it (as it must be able to crawl the content provided in the sitemap in order to populate your entries).

The configuration options allow you to specify which type of sitemap you wish to use and whether you wish to plugin threaded or flat view. The sitemap type and view type can both be set either by hard coding the appropriate variable or via a URL string.

What is a sitemap?:
A sitemap will take and provide all of your current threads to search engines, thus eliminating the wait of "new discovery" of new pages on your forums.

You can read about the benefits of using sitemaps via the below quoted article from Google Webmaster Tools.

Please note that this addon does not create a sitemap for your entire site, and only creates one for your forum.

Demo: As this addon doesn't utilize a cache, no active demo is available, however you can see example output via the attachment screen shots.

Install Instructions:
The install is quite simple, after receiving the software via email simply open the php file and place your MySQL connect information where indicated. Now upload the file to your web root (not your forum directory) and then simply open the script via the web and you'll see the default XML (google valid) sitemap.

As for web-based switches:
// Optional Parameter -- se=# Where # weather or not to use SE Friendly URLs (0/No, 1/Yes)
// Optional Parameter -- type=# Where # is a map type (1/XML, 2/Text, 3/html, 4/RSS, 5/ASP, 6/SitemapIndex)
// Optional Parameter -- offsets=# where # is weather or not to use offsets.

Not all search engines will automatically re-check your sitemap; in fact, I've only noticed that Google will re-check on its own. You'll want to go to Yahoo or anyone else every couple of weeks and tell them to re-grab a copy of your map.

Pricing: $30 per install (each separate install requires a separate license) which includes 1 year of free updates.

How to Buy: You can order via our Script Information page here (there is an order form towards the bottom for PayPal payments).

This addon is not freeware, and as such you cannot freely provide it to others without prior written permission from its author(s). Permission was obtained from the UBB.Dev administration to post this non-free addon's information in advance.

Quoting Google's Webmaster Help
What is a sitemap, and why should I have one?
A Sitemap file lets you tell us about all the pages on your site, and optionally, information about those pages, such as which are most important and how often they change. By submitting a Sitemap file, you can take control of the first part of the crawling/indexing processes: our discovery of the pages.

This may be particularly helpful if your site has dynamic content, pages that aren't easily discovered by following links, or if your site is new and has few links to it.

Sitemaps help speed up the discovery of your pages, which is an important first step in crawling and indexing your pages, but there are many other factors that influence the crawling/indexing processes. Sitemaps lets you tell us information about your pages (which ones you think are most important, how often the pages change), so you can have a voice in these subsequent steps. Other factors include how many sites link to you, if your content is unique and relevant, if we can crawl the pages successfully, and everything outlined in our webmaster guidelines.

A Sitemap provides an additional view into your site (just as your home page and HTML site map do). This program does not replace our normal methods of crawling the web. Google still searches and indexes your sites the same way it has done in the past whether or not you use this program. Sites are never penalized for using this service. This is a beta program, so we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if your URLs will be crawled or added to our index. Over time, we expect both coverage and time-to-index to improve as we refine our processes and better understand webmasters' needs.

Once you have created your Sitemap, you can add it to your Google Sitemaps account and update it as your site changes.
Posted By: Gizmo Re: UBB.Membermap - 08/28/2018 4:22 PM
UBB.Membermap 8/28/2018 Developer Notes (Release Announcement)
- Added a config option to specify a .html extension for links.
- Added an option to not display the frequency line.
- Added an option to not display the .html extension for sitemap files.
- Added support to always produce HTTPS (SSL) URLs (useful for sites on a CDN where the local server may still try to produce non-HTTPS links when using wildcard HTTPS urls).
- Added support for including the UBB.threads configuration for sites running UBB.threads from the webroot (not in a folder).
- Added support for specifying a domain (useful if your UBB.threads install is on a subdomain and you wish to have UBB.Membermap located on your main domain).
- Added support for human readable permalinks with Apache Rewrite Rules
- Removed the need for a trailing slash in the folder config.
- Changed the MySQL database connection to utilize MySQLi for PHP7 support.
- Minor code changes for script performance.
Posted By: Gizmo Re: UBB.Membermap - 12/20/2019 12:49 AM
UBB.Membermap - Developer Notes
- Added: Debug mode (ubb.membermap.php?debug=1) will allow you to see your UBB.Membermap settings and a forum overview in an easy to read page.
- Added: A new version check will display a version notice on the debug page.
- Added: A switch has been added for the beta group which will display if you're running a beta release or not. This will allow the new version check to be able to display notices for final builds.
- Added: Introduced basic mobile compatibility on HTML generated pages (type=3)

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