Posted By: harsh How can i add an awards box under a users avatar? - 11/19/2003 10:06 PM
Hello everyone.. I'm new here and have been using your hacks that you all have created. But i have not found this one.

I want to add and awards box to certain users under their avatar. well it would go:
and a box with a black border that says awards. That way when i give an award out to a user i can put the award "patch image" for that user only.

This is mainly for people that participate and help others, they receive there image patches and that way i can manage just the users patch..

i figured out how to just add a box to that area, but it gets posted on every user.

This board has something similar, i guess the best hackors get that UBBDEV Haxxor image by there avatar...

Can someone help me please?

can anyone help me out here?
Actually the haxxor bean is for members of the UBB team for fighting cancer. More info here.

As far as this box goes that you are trying to work with, you'd probably want to use an IF statement to check either group membership (all people who get rewards can be added to a group, for example), or check against another variable somewhere, perhaps in your database, that you could add. Then it would only show up for members who you set it up for.

I'd probably add a new field to the database to store the information and add an option to your edit users admin function to add/change the users reward image.

I can't help out too much right now, as I'm at work and have no access to my server files to give further examples. Perhaps someone else can kick in some info for ya.
That is exactly how it would be done.

I know the hack is around here.

I for the life of me forget what it is called. If I can find it I will post the link.
oh, oh, oh, im waiting too. wooo hoooo
This mod might be able to do what you need...

Yes thats the one
thanks guys for all your help... im going to go try it out
Dont use copy and paste. I had a whole heap of trouble with this one. never did try to do it again.
could use the one josh wrote for jeremy but it might need a update... called groupname but its in one of the threads not in the mod section.

Use the search feature... keyword "group" user "jeremy"
[]DrChaos said:
Dont use copy and paste. I had a whole heap of trouble with this one. never did try to do it again. [/]

Whenever I get one that pastes all wrong, I paste it into MS Word first, then copy and paste it from Word into my text editor and it works fine.
ill have to try that method. If I screw it up again ill tell them its your fault
does it work for version 6.2
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