On top of the site it show the amount of pages, that's great ofcourse, but can i replace the ">" with a user defied button?

I mean this:
[Linked Image]

Change to:
[Linked Image]

Or if that's not possible maybe change the text ">" with "Next Page" ?
I believe that < and > should be their own language file definitions; so it should just be a matter of finding them and changing them.
've been looking thourgh the language files, but didn't dind anything frown
Does anyone has an idea where to look for it?

I imagine it's in the actual template file/sub that writes the pagination code. I don't *think* there's a language translation for > or < so it's most likely hard-coded.
Pfffffffffffff, found it.
Line 1499 contains:
$page_html .= ">";
Replace the bolded > by Next page and voila..

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