Posted By: willz0r REST auth - 08/29/2014 9:49 AM
Hi Guys,

I've been working on some push messaging apps for Android and iOS (for our clan which pretty much revolves around ubbthreads)

Rather than reinventing an authentication system, I'd like to add a few REST endpoints to ubbthreads to support using it's current auth mechanisms in the apps.

I don't have a copy of ubbthreads myself, it's licensed by another clan member, are their public docs I can reference, or am I better to bug him for shell access and run through the codebase myself?

*** it's either that or write some methods to generate tokens stored against users that expire every 2 weeks or something / invalidate if the user logs out or uninstalls the application on their device.

If anyone else is interested, I'd be real happy to post my code on github or bitbucket smile

Thanks muchly.

Posted By: Gizmo Re: REST auth - 08/29/2014 2:04 PM
Unfortunately the only "docs" comes from our 3rd party project UBB.Wiki; but I don't think that it'd give you anything you're really looking for.

Unfortunately also is that this is licenseware and as such we cannot share files with you due to licensing restrictions; since you're in the same organization as the license holder you'll have to have him share the install archive (of which you'd need anyway to be able to modify the forum's files) for the organization.

We'd love to hear about your progress in the future smile.
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