Posted By: AllenAyres 50 Million Points! - 03/20/2004 10:04 PM
We recently passed the 50,000,000 point level!

Posted By: Ian Spence Re: 50 Million Points! - 03/20/2004 10:26 PM
Yeah, but Raconteur has like half of that tipsy

(I'll be Gold by the end of the week)
Posted By: tackaberry Re: 50 Million Points! - 03/23/2004 1:42 AM

Congrats and Thanks to everyone participating.

I recently finally got my machine back up on the grid. I'm closing in on 300K.

Hmmm...only need another 200K to go Code Red.

I really wish they had a Mac client. I've got 2 at home with cycles to spare.
Posted By: CTM Re: 50 Million Points! - 03/25/2004 12:08 AM

Hopefully IPHQ will also pass a legendary milestone soon too... smile
Posted By: MsGuidedAngel Re: 50 Million Points! - 08/11/2004 12:32 AM
YaY Allen!! This is Great News! laugh

I have almost 128,000K points now WOW!

Blessings, o/
Posted By: AllenAyres Re: 50 Million Points! - 08/11/2004 6:59 AM
Congrats KristiAnn smile
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