Posted By: sigridsholm Missing files 5.4.3 - 08/20/2001 10:36 PM
is either missing or the following line in doexpire.pl should be removed
use w3ttheme qw(%theme);

is missing
yeah, another swedish-related bug :-)

Maybe this is the right time to ask Scream if you could put another date-format in. Something like this:
// short5 = '22:43 YYYY-MM-DD';

I have hacked this for my forum, but maybe you could put in the originalscript, and yes it is a swedish time and date-format :-)
Posted By: Rick Re: Missing files 5.4.3 - 08/21/2001 2:40 AM
The use w3ttheme line should be deleted from the doexpire.pl script.

Thanks for the info on the swedish language file.

And yes, I should be able to add the new time option[]/testimages/icons/wink.gif[/].
Posted By: dannylin Re: Missing files 5.4.3 - 08/21/2001 6:18 AM
For most Asian, we used to use YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM as the time & date format. Just FYI.
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