Posted By: JoshPet [6.2] Depression - 01/05/2003 3:47 PM
Again, I didn't create this. I downloaded it long ago from somewhere. Tweaked it for 6.2, and made it validate.

Although it's got a Depressing name, this is a dark background stylesheet with Orange and White font. It actually looks rather sharp.
A black striped image is used as the background.

Demo: www.measurection.com
login - username: testing - password: testing
Select "Depression" in My Home.

Install Instructions:
- Unzip
- Upload stylesheet
- Upload image to /stylesheets/images directory

There is a regular version, a medium font version and a large font version.

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Posted By: Nettomo Re: [6.2] Depression - 01/06/2003 12:18 AM
Hi JoshPet ,

You must change
<br />BODY {<br />  background: url(http://www.measurection.com/forums/stylesheets/images/depression_bg.jpg);<br />  background-attachment:fixed;<br />}<br />

<br />BODY {<br />  background: url(images/depression_bg.jpg);<br />  background-attachment:fixed;<br />}<br />

put the picture in stylesheets/images

the picture is loaded from your web (the is your traffic)

Posted By: JoshPet Re: [6.2] Depression - 01/06/2003 1:22 AM
Thanks. I made the correction.

My users really love this one. Per their request, I have included in the updated zip, a medium font and large font version as well.
Posted By: Dalar Re: [6.2] Depression - 01/07/2003 2:19 AM
Reminds me of what threads looked like way back when it was wwwthreads
Posted By: Dalantech Re: [6.2] Depression - 01/16/2003 3:54 PM
Hey Josh, this one is making me depressed

I like the way it looks, but for some reason the menu bar is around 50 pixels high on my site and this is the only style sheet that makes the menu bar huge. I'm probably gonna re-write this one from scratch. If there is a some odd control character causing the menu bar to be larger than normal I can't see it.
Posted By: JoshPet Re: [6.2] Depression - 01/16/2003 5:25 PM
Hmm, not sure.... I'll look at it tonight.
Posted By: Dalantech Re: [6.2] Depression - 01/16/2003 11:30 PM
I tried several different things, but no joy

I finally gave up on fixing it and just used Top Style to build a CSS from scratch that combined elements of Depression with an old color sceme that I use to run over a year ago.

Edited cause I didn't want this post to "feel" rude: I do appreciate you posting all of the CSS files! Your color scemes give me ideas for my own styles
Posted By: JoshPet Re: [6.2] Depression - 01/17/2003 12:10 AM
You're welcome. Can't take credit though. I downloaded this from here ages ago, simply updated for 6.2.
Posted By: Dalantech Re: [6.2] Depression - 01/17/2003 10:13 AM
Posted By: JoshPet Re: [6.2] Depression - 10/14/2004 8:12 AM
Bump for the Holiday!
Posted By: DrChaos Re: [6.2] Depression - 10/15/2004 1:19 AM
Hey josh, do you know how they got that world clock like that. Ive been looking for that exact look but never got anything to work.

Also, this is the code for the background image
 BODY { <br />  background: url (images/depression_bg.jpg); <br />  background-attachment:fixed; <br />} <br />PRE { <br />  font-size:   9pt; <br />  font-family: courier,serif; <br />} <br /> 

I uploaded the image to the image dir and it only shows a white bg.
Posted By: ZealotOnAStick_dup1 Re: [6.2] Depression - 10/15/2004 1:48 AM
That needs to be in a /image directory under your /stylesheets directory.
Posted By: DrChaos Re: [6.2] Depression - 10/15/2004 2:04 AM
I put it in there. I gave up and just added #000000 before the url code and made it black.
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