Posted By: sigridsholm Flat and threaded at the same time - 10/29/2002 7:02 PM
Earlier I used a board called DCForum, it has some features that haven´t made it into ubbt, yet

One of them I haven´t seen in any other board is a form of flat and threaded at the same time.
My users still miss this, after more than a year of using ubbt.
I think it is very user-friendly, you can easily see who is answering who and you don´t have to jump back and forth to do it.

It is probably easier to look at how it is done at DCForum than it is to explain it.

Posted By: MTO Re: Flat and threaded at the same time - 10/30/2002 1:19 AM
Very interesting way of doing it, kind of like it.
Any ideas of what happens when the thread gets very long with hundreds of replies?
Posted By: sigridsholm Re: Flat and threaded at the same time - 11/02/2002 5:33 PM
As I remember it, DCForum solved it by setting a user-changeable limit for how many replys it would, by default, show in flat-threaded mode.

If there where more replys, it would show it as ordinary threaded, one post at a time.
It had a link, "show all" to make it possible for you to choose if you wanted to wait the extra time and get the flat-threaded view.

Could this be implemeted in ubbt just by merging/redoing showflat.php/showthreaded.php do you think? Maybe as a third choice or instead of todays threaded view.
Posted By: fishtails Re: Flat and threaded at the same time - 11/03/2002 3:38 PM
I believe the term used for this kind of view is "nested". I've seen it used on several sites, and although it was nice for short threads, long threads became obscured as you got further down in the tree due to the indentation. IMHO, good for short threads, bad for long.
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