I have made some modifications to Notify moderator so that users can send a comment when they notifies a moderator, I also changed it so that you can get more than one notification on a post.

Actually I guess I would like Notify moderator to work as Email Post with the exeption that you canĀ“t choose where to send it.

Just want this to be the default-behavior, is there any special-reason for not letting users comment when they Notify moderator?
I think it would be a good idea to let users comment, it isn't always clear what they mean every time. It shouldn't be a must to add a comment though, since that would probably decrease the number of notifications significantlyl
Posted By: MTO Re: Sending comments when using Notify moderator - 11/04/2002 11:41 AM
Attaching link to related thread.

This would be a very useful feature, yes
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