Posted By: Ory'hara I need a member title hack for UBB 5.45e - 11/22/2003 9:01 AM
Please, I need a membertitle hack for UBB 5.45e! Anyone knows where to find it?

This is your board?

Why are you making a new install of a version that was last updated nearly three years ago? Go grab 6.6 . smile
Posted By: Ory'hara Re: I need a member title hack for UBB 5.45e - 11/23/2003 5:29 AM
Because my UBB Member Subscription expired and I don't want to fork out another $200.

P.S. Membertitle hack, please?
A quick search of this forum for "title" brought up a few candidates... you'll want to look in topics mentioning "Jimbo's Custom Status" hack.

Do note that the 5.x code hacking community died about a year and a half ago. You're gonna be pretty much on your own here. Also note that there are a number of pretty nasty bugs in the 5-series code, including potential security problems. Upgrading is really in your best interest.

Member Area renewals are $99, not $199. smile
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