## snapshot - 2020-09-21
This snapshot contains new features and maintenance items

### Added
- Auto YouTube link display.
  • Forum users can now do YouTube videos in-line with their post by using any youtube.com URL link, as has become standard now with social media sites. No need for BBCode to display YouTube videos.
  • Your forum's current custom tags are untouched. They will continue to work as expected. They can be removed or disabled if you choose.
  • When they remove or disable your custom tag for embedding YouTube videos, the new built-in YouTube display kicks in and will do the job. Doing this will leave your current open/close custom tags within your forum's posts. You can can manually remove those sets with a query string to replace [ youtube ] and [ /youtube ] text if you choose.
  • Removed the YouTube and Adobe Flash Player custom tags from new forum installs.

NOTE: If forums have a custom tag for inserting YouTube BBCode Tags, that custom tag will continue to display within the Post Editor's "Insert Media Tag" menu. As of UBB.threads 7.7.5, you no longer need to insert media tags for the inline display of YouTube videos. The processing is all built in and automatic, just like the processing of URLs. Magic URLs now handles YouTube URLs.

### Changed
- Post Options Menu is now the Post Sharing Menu, and is displayed as a share-icon on the left side of the post's number.
- Flag/Report Post has been moved out from the Post Options Menu, and now displays next to the post share menu.

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