## snapshot - 2020-10-20
This snapshot contains new features and maintenance items

### Added
- Added Inline Code to BBCode. Inline code formatting is used to emphasize a small command or piece of syntax within a line you are writing. It is accessed either by [ c ]...text...[ /c ] or in the standard editor code drop-down ("#"). This new BBCode puts the contained bits in between the <code></code> HTML, and is styled with the .bbcode CSS class. Properties for the inline code container style is at Control Panel > Styles > Edit or Add a Style > UBBCode Properties.
- Added "Community Slogan" which will appear with your forum Community Title in emails and other key locations. This is configured within Control Panel > General.
- CP: Prune any duplicate post likes originating from a single user id. This action can be done from within the Content Rebuilder.
- CP: Force the use of larger MySQL data chunks in legacy web server environments (older PHP versions) when pruning or rebuilding content. This option is not available when using a modern PHP version. This is configured within Control Panel > Paths & Database > Database: Force Database Big Limits)
- CP: Admin Logs for Batch Member actions are now more detailed. The full SQL command is logged, along with either "Selected Members in Search" or "All Members in Search."

### Changed
- Mailing/Forwarding a single post will now return you back to the post you had just mailed.
- Updated Email Properties of each included UBBT77 styles for a more modern presentation.
- Added more friendly URL formatting (SEO) to several return-to URLs.
- CP: Larger MySQL data chunks on modern web server environments when pruning or rebuilding content. The reduces the time required per action within the Content Rebuilder.
- CP: Send Email will now display all content that is within the email body being sent. "Hello Username," is displayed while composing the message, so you can modify or remove it entirely to have your direct email from the forum used as a forum newsletter mailer, or direct support reply to an email address using your forum mailer template as a wrapper.
- Updated FontAwesome library from 5.15.0 to [version 5.15.1](https://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome/releases/).
- Updated LightGallery asset from 1.8.3 to [version 1.9.0](https://github.com/sachinchoolur/lightGallery/releases/).

### Fixed
- Fixed a bug that could allow members to submit multiple post Likes when a forum server is lagging. Content Rebuilder tools within the Control Panel have been created to prune any duplicate post likes and rebuild post counts.
- Text Emails now have their HTML parsed and will only display text.
- CP: In the Send Email tool, when no "Send Email To" address is entered, your email would be sent to all results within you prior Member Search session.
- Multiple minor letter-case and spelling corrections within the language files.

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