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Release Dates · Article

The management at UBB.Central has indicated to the developers at The UBB.Developers Network (UBB.Dev) that they would be open to 3-4 releases of the UBB.threads forum software per year. This doesn't mean that a release will be provided every 3-4 months, it simply means that they're open to the possibility of 3-4 releases in the time frame of a year.

The UBB.Developers Network will never provide a concrete release date, as we've seen first hand how detrimental not making a deadline can be, especially with the UBB.threads product in the past. Another reason that we are not inclined to provide release dates is because we are not sure when our work on a version will be complete. We have an internal discussion before we start on a release and we work on those goals, once we hit a milestone we check back and see what else we'd like to include in that release. Where we may have internal milestones as to what we'd like to have accomplished by a specific date, these are in no way set in stone, and generally aren't provided outside of the beta group.

The developers behind The UBB.Developers Network are working on UBB.threads as freelancers; development is done in their spare time and is generally done as a hobby outside of their normal personal and professional lives.

In short, a new release will be provided when it is deemed fully functional and as bug free as it can be, by the development team and beta group. It could be moments from now, or months away; it'll always be a "work in progress". The progression of coding, system services, and the creation and progression of web standards, ensure that nothing is ever "complete"; simply "currently working".

The public is more than welcome to visit the Official UBB.Threads Announcements forum at UBB.Dev at any time to take a peek at what we're working on and get little teasers and progress reports of new features, changes, etc.
Posted on April 5th, 2015 · Updated on May 26th, 2015
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