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0 Entries UBB.Dev FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions for the usage of the UBB.Dev website.
Frequently Asked Questions for maintaining UBB.threads.
These FAQ items are for the UBB.threads Beta Tester team.
Frequently Asked Questions for the usage (non administrative) of UBB.threads.
1 Entries UBB.Wiki FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions for the usage of the UBB.Wiki website.
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Hosting UBB.threads on an Intranet or Private Network · An inquiry was recently made at UBBCentral regarding hosting UBB.threads on a private network (intranet) with no access to the internet; basically asking if any UBB.threads features would be unavailable for them. UBB.threads uses several APIs for var
Beta Tester Expectations and Information · Basic Information Beta release software, just like your licensed software, is not public coding; anyone sharing pre-release software to users outside the beta group will be immediately removed from the beta group. The beta program is not public, we w
Bug Reporting Guidelines · When providing a Bug Report, please include the following information: Required (if relevant) What version are you running? (Ex: v7.6.0 - Snapshot 20160704) What is the problem? (Ex: The time is wrong, it's showing as XX.XX.XXXX XX:XX XX) What was yo
How do I move a post? · Under each posting you'll see an edit link; click on that and on the next page you'll see a move this post and it's replies button, click that and choose the new forum for the posting.
How do I move a thread? · On the thread you'll have several buttons above the first post, the third of which is Manage Topic, under this button there is a Move / Merge this Topic link; once you click this you'll have options to move the topic to a new destination.
What BBCode do the submission systems support? · The content submission systems on the site support the following BBCode (note that this list differs from what the Forum is capable of parsing; all of the coding that can parse can be found in the FAQ on the forum); please note that there is no space