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Beta Testing UBB.threads · Article

What Is Covered

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From time to time The UBB.Developers Network (UBBDev; a subsidiary of VNC Web Services and the coding team behind UBB.threads v7.5.9 and the upcoming UBB.threads v7.6.x releases) will bring on new Beta Testers to test new features and coding changes to the UBB.threads product.



Active License: Users are expected to have an active license for the UBB.threads product; users with expired licenses will be removed from the beta program.
Backups, Installation, and Upgrades Where it's great when users have a real world database to work with, it's most helpful when they have the ability to create backups of their live site, install a beta installation, and upgrade their live site when they're comfortable with the code changes. It's more difficult on the development team for us to both develop new coding and push changes out the beta tester sites, it's easier if users are capable of doing the installs themselves.
Coding Ability: We prefer, but not require, that testers have the ability to at least understand the coding provided (if not the ability to write additional coding if needed). A lot of changes are contained in any Snapshot Releases and the ability to assist in debugging code is strongly welcomed.
Forums: You will need an active account on both the UBB.Central and UBB.Dev Forums.
Providing Feedback: We require that all testers have the ability to provide helpful feedback at the Official UBB.threads Development discussion forums.
Clear and Consist English Language & Reports: Our team is comprised of English speaking individuals, we do not make any claim to speak other languages; as such we require all reports to be written in complete English so that we can understand issues and post fixes. Google Translate is not enough, broken English in reports just make them harder to work on with our development schedule.


Join the Team

Generally, new Beta Testers are chosen from active users on the UBB.Central or UBB.Dev Forums who have shown the ability to be able to install and maintain their own forums as well as preform their own modifications and coding. Users must be able to read, and potentially write, new code, packages, and patches.

Users may request (privately) to be a part of the Beta Team; however, not every request will be approved.



Official UBB.threads Announcements - A PUBLIC forum where Developer Notes and Announcements are provided. Items here are open for discussion at all times and topics are expected to be discussed publicly.
Official UBB.threads Development - A PRIVATE forum for development discussions. Any activity in this forum is expected to stay in this forum; where we do not require testers to sign a Non Disclosure agreement, we do like to request that all development discussions stay private.
• There is a FAQ for general Beta Tester information at UBB.threads Beta Tester FAQ.
Posted on April 5th, 2015 · Updated on June 9th, 2019
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