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Code Modifications · Article

In the past, it has been made clear at UBB.Central that modifications to the stock UBB.threads coding are not supported, and that only code supplied in the stock archives in the Members Area would be officially supported; but we wanted to provide some more information for users.

The reason that modifications to the stock code are not supported is because the coding is released as a package; alterations done to the coding where not written or permitted by UBB.Central, so the can't be expected to provide support for coding they did not write (or have written) for UBB.threads. Before requesting official support at UBB.Central you may be asked to remove modifications that you have made to the stock files provided in the UBB.threads release that you are running.

This is the whole reason that The UBB.Developers Network was created; to provide and maintain modifications to UBB.Classic and UBB.threads. Where UBB.Dev may not have created the coding that you're working with, they're generally more than happy to glance over your coding for you and provide input. However, the 3rd party developers there generally don't write free code outside of published modifications, so you may find yourself looking to hire a 3rd party developer (such as VNC Web Services).
Posted on April 5th, 2015 · Updated on January 13th, 2017
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