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Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
Interviewed by: Stilgar
Spotlight Winner:

UBBDev: Well, here you guys are again. sfpunk has made the grade once more. What was your initial reaction?
Alex: I think its cool. I love sfpunk and I love to see it win stuff.
Drew: Not much competition this month ehh...
Zach: Yea, winning stuff is always good. I like it.

UBBDev: Your community is thriving. Did you ever imagine it would get like this?
Alex: I figured it would eventually, and I love seeing all the people there. I mean, with people like me around there, you're bound to have a lot of people sign up.
Drew: I was quite content talking to myself until all these strange people started showing up, but then they gave us money, so I let them stay.
Zach: I liked the part when they gave us money. That was cool.

UBBDev: There are a lot of... how should I say... young acting people on the forums. How do you keep them in line?
Alex: We kick them in the throat and teeth. It usually keeps them in line.
Drew: They all know...
Zach: Yea, we've pretty much always used the kicking thing. This one time, though, I decided to try something different and flash those who misbehaved. Needless to say, this didn't work out, and everyone hated me, so we went back to the kicking thing.

UBBDev: You've found a nice balance of hacks and template mods. How do you guys choose what hacks to add and what not to add?
Alex: Uhh Zach?... drew? whee?!
Drew: A hat. We pick them out of one of those black magician hats. Once I picked a rabbit, but Zach ate it.
Zach: The rabbit was pretty good, though slightly undercooked.

UBBDev: Even though your site is called sfpunk, you added a ska section. Who had the class to do that? Yeah, I'm an old ska fan myself. Been to many big ska shows.
Alex: Well, I don't like ska. But we figured that Ska is related to punk and so we were like "hey, ska, lets add it."
Drew: I'm the one that started the whole ska movement, so I figured I'd give my baby a forum. Yea, I'm the reason NOFX was ska at first, but then Zach told them not to be, so they stopped. I hate Zach.
Zach: Yea, I seem to have a big influence over bands. Pretty much what I say goes. Oh yea, and Drew and some other guy liked ska so we added it.

UBBDev: How did you find UBBDev? What brought you here?
Alex: Well one day I was at my local toy store and behind all the hot wheels cars I saw a box that had UBBDev written on it, so I gave it to Zach for Christmas and the rest is history.
Drew: UBBDev? are you trying to sell me drugs?
Zach: Alex always gets me the worst Christmas gifts. I hate him.

UBBDev: You have a strange mix of members. I see this as I visit through a ton of topics and posts. What is the average age of your members? Take a guess. They are well behaved for being into punk.
Alex: Well I'm pretty sure that most of our members are about... *counts on fingers* this many years old. whee!!!
Drew: they're all actually teeny-boppers, so I'm guessing around 12 or 13.
Zach: I'd say the usual age of our members is from about 15-15 and 1/2. we appeal to pretty much people of all ages as you can see.

UBBDev: What's next for sfpunk? Any plans you'd like to share, pimp or tell about?
Alex: I don't have many planes personally for sfpunk. I mean planes are expensive. They have those propellers and wings and stuff, and I hear it gets really expensive if you start your own commercial airline. Yeah we don't have any planes to share.
Drew: Zach and I are getting married this summer. So we're all getting together and celebrating. Lostchild is my best man and loser is Zach's maid of honor.
Zach: I rode on a plane one time. It was Ok.

UBBDev: Any last words?
Alex: Had a dream Magic Johnson was there He autographed the ball Small rubber ball Ten feet tall Big... big puffy shoes Are the cameras on? Are the cameras on? Set the ball down Went to the court Shot a swish Felt like a pro Went back to the spot Magic was gone Same old ball Time to go home
Drew: "not only dead babies... but TRASHY dead babies"
Zach: Jamin for dictator!!! and Jenga is the greatest game ever invented.

Thanks guys. Another interesting interview from sfpunk. wink

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