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Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
spotlight winner
Interviewer: Stilgar
Interviewee: TheX

Every month we hold a contest here at UBBDev. A contest to see who has the best looking, best modified & best feeling UBB.classic™ around. We gather them up in front of a panel of judges. After a lot of browsing, reading and enjoying of the contestant's forums, we tally the votes and declair the winner. This month it's TheX's .

[Linked Image]

UBBDev: Hey TheX. Haven't I seen you here before? smile Congrats. What do you think about your win this time?
TheX: I’m blown away. I really didn’t think much about my chances this time around because there are some great looking boards out there.

UBBDev: What was your inspiration for your newest template layout?
TheX: I was actually in the middle of trying to do a skinning system for UBB and even though those efforts are mostly frustrated right now I did manage to build the template set. Netwerkin has had 3 distinct looks and they have all been total opposites of the one previous. I love dark backgrounds and metallic highlights.

UBBDev: What is your favorite color?
TheX: A metallic mixture of green and blue.

UBBDev: You take a lot of care in not adding too many hacks. How do you decide on what to use?
TheX: I try to add the hacks that the Netwerkin members ask for and that I know they’ll use. There are times when I realize that a certain hack isn’t needed and I’ll remove it.

UBBDev: What is the one hack that you would like to see as a standard feature?
TheX: Since avatars and recent visitors are standard now that is a difficult question. I guess I would have to say LK’s Instant Message hack since my members use it constantly.

UBBDev: Do you have any advice for people just starting out?
TheX: Absolutely. First of all make backups a part of your daily routine, always think about the community before yourself when deciding about things involving your site and visit UBBDev everyday. Be very very very careful about who you allow to moderate your boards and remember that making someone an admin is like giving them the keys and the deed to your house. You have to be absolutely sure about them.

UBBDev: Who created your intro?
TheX: The Flash was done with a program called Anim-FX and there is a lot more to come now that I got the Macromedia MX Suite. Bookie (of Blam fame) has been a big inspiration to me over the last year and he got me into learning Fireworks too.

UBBDev: What drew you to UBBDev as one of your hangouts?
TheX: The community as a whole is amazing. I was a total no0bie with ten thousand questions and nearly everyone of them was answered. I don’t really feel that I’ve returned the favor yet but I really try and hope that I can make someone else’s experiences a little easier and a little better.

UBBDev: Where do you see yourself and Netwerkin in 5 years?
TheX: I hope that Netwerkin continues to grow and the members keep finding it useful to them. I know that I have to eventually find some help since my career keeps me so busy that I can’t devote the time I should to adding more content. I try to add a page everyday but that isn’t always possible. I have kids that are computer junkies and I would honestly love to see them take over some of the tasks in the future. That would be fantastic.

It's really great to see you win this month. You have a great looking web site and forum. The community there is pleasent too. Thank you for sharing some of what it takes to create such a great place.

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Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
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