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Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590 : 1st Place December 2002
By: Staff of UBBDev

City of Ancients rises to the top as our 1st place Member Spotlight winner this month. They demonstrate how the collaboration of ideas and a little hard work can be well worth the effort. Their UBB™ exemplifies the balance that can be achieved by using modifications that satisfy your members and the overall site.

UBBDev: What is your background and how long have you been on the web?
Dave: I've been doing webdesign for about a year, I couldn't have gotten as good as I am if it wasn't for my friend Wu, Steve, and of course Zach.

UBBDev: That's cool. It's nice when you have friends to help you out when you are first experiencing the wonders of web design. How did you brainstorm the idea behind City of Ancients?
Dave: Funny thing is, my friend and co-owner Rob wanted to make a Final Fantasy based site. So we started at free server deal, you know those lame angelfire hosts. Then after many crappy layouts and whatnot. We went on paying hosting with Zach and just kinda starting throwing ideas together til it became CoA.

UBBDev: All of your ideas seem to have paid off in spades. What is your favorite holiday food?
Dave: Um... apples? Yeah those big red ones.

UBBDev: Ah yes, the 'big apple' can be a special treat this time of year. wink What was your reason for purchasing the UBB™ for your site?
Dave: So we could have a community for our site. Plus I needed to try my hand at UBB™ and Zach said it was great so we bought the license and now answering your questions.

UBBDev: Which modification, do you feel, is most beneficial to your UBB™? In other words, what one modification is an absolute necessity on your UBB™?
Dave: Um I suppose the RPG mod and Quick reply. But the RPG mod is only good for a RPG based board. But the quick reply owns.

UBBDev: Do you feel adding modifications to the UBB™ is fairly easy or somewhat difficult?
Dave: Pretty easy, just I made a big mess of things alot of the time. I'm still learning this yah know. Thanks to Zach for answering all my stupid questions and helping me when I needed it.

UBBDev: Questions are good, it's how we all learn. Do you upgrade and remodify with every new UBB™ release?
Dave: Eh, Zach updates when it needs it. But this version is ok by me for now.

UBBDev: Which holiday movie character to you like better? Grinch or Scrooge?
Dave: Grinch, I mean come on he's green and has a cool dog. Nothing beats his dog.

UBBDev: LOL, yep I'll admit that Max is a very cool dog. The Grinch was definately lucky to have him as his companion. smile Are there any tips or tricks you'd like to share that any UBB™ owners can use to improve the success of their site?
Dave: Find someone like Zach so they can answer your stupid questions and help you out. But it's fairly easy just make sure you back up every file you modify or you'll mess up big time. Believe me, I've re-installed the UBB way too many times. So just be careful and all that stuff.

UBBDev: It's that having a friend thing again. smile I'm glad Zach was around to help. What are the future plans for City of Ancients?
Dave: We plan on adding a new layout for the site, adding more staff, and we'll be expanding from just Final Fantasy and we'll be adding more and different RPGs, so stay tuned and join today!

It sounds like there are great things in store for We look forward to seeing bigger and better things to come in the future. Thanks for your time and congratulations again! smile

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