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#286502 06/05/2002 10:55 PM
Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590
Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 3,590

June 2002 Member Spotlight Grandchampion
By: Staff of UBBDev

And the winner is...

Glassrattler ! He will recieve (courtesy of the fine folks at Infopop) a one year extension on his member area download. Congratulations!

After considering doing another interview of the winner, we decided it would be a good idea to show you what hard work, perserverance, and attention to detail can gain you and your website. What follows are the comments for each of GR's submissions into our member spotlight over the last 6-7 months.

Starting out in the middle of the pack and slowly making progress... well, read on and see how things turn out.

december 2001:

- Renders incorrectly in Netscape *AND* it has popups.
- Popup. Pleh. And the two hacks I see on the front page happen to be the two hacks I absolutely hate.
- No Comment.
- + they do the same 3-col thing, but i like the background images on theirs
- no other stunning template mods or anything
- prev/next buttons are cute, but have no meaning to them
+ post icons appear to be hockey players. kinda look like smurfs
- their header image is a bit large
- overall, nothing stellar or innovative here

An auspicious debut... more complaints about non-forum-related items than anything else... no-one knew our comments would spur this lower-half finisher to greater work...

january 2002:

- Popup ad BAD.
- Big bloody logo for no more information than it has. Pretty boring.
- Popups == BAD.
- not bad, generic modifications imo smirk

OK, less complaints tipsy , but still not quite there yet... he has begun the work, but has a ways to go...

february 2002:

- Comment: Looks great. Board has really come a long way. Love the colors and the graphics.
- I like its forum summary a lot and his images (including the original icons) are very nice. Topic page might be improved though, it's too 'regular', and I don't like the lightbulbs.
- Good templates, graphics are nice, good selection of hacks. Looks good, but not quite as good as the others IMO.
- I hate popunders.
- The popup must die. Didn't change much since last time. That's probably a good thing.
- This forum has improved quite a bit IMHO. I like what he's done with the graphics and overall look and feel.
- Is this the same site I interviewed GlassRattler for last month? Wow. What a great change. Nice use if hacks and templates. Strong community too.
- keeps on improving like the color scheme and template modifications.
- has a cool color scheme, cool design, but it isn't as good modified as ....

Now we're talking! Cold winter to glassrattler means hockey season is in full-force. He spends a good amount of time apparently getting his site in fighting trim, no goon hockey site is gonna take him out... just a little more tweaking needed...

march 2002:

- I like its forum summary a lot and his images (including the original icons) are very nice. Topic page might be improved though, it's too 'regular', and I don't like the lightbulbs
- Looking good.
- Pros: New design! New NICE design! That works in Mozilla! And no more popup!
Cons: Mmmmmmmmmm... none.
- Looks great. Nice and solid
- Good template mods, good selection of hacks, some pages are a little plain. Looks good though.

Hard work on the right things can bring great dividends... GR obviously has been doing his homework, building a great community in the process. Congratulations again GR, well-deserved smile

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