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Joined: Jul 2001
Posts: 1,157
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coffee and code
coffee and code
Joined: Jul 2001
Posts: 1,157
Likes: 82
7.5.10 Progress Report: Lets Go For Ice Cream!

Changelog 2015-02-05
A bit of language stuff was updated and some new lines were added:
• A few more items were removed (and noted as such) from some language files, as they are duplicates and already in GENERIC.
• NEWPOST had a new item added for a more descriptive button, "Post New Topic" rather than just a generic "Submit"
• NEWREPLY had a new item added for a more descriptive button, "Post Reply" rather than just a generic "Submit"
• NEWUSER saw some new things added and a lot of updated current strings. These updates are related to the new "New User Registration" page.
• SHOWFLAT had "Loc: " removed. A user's location next to their post is self-explanatory and doesnt need a label. Saved some space. Less line wraps.
• SHOWFLAT The idea of updating "Registered:" to "Joined:" throughout the software is being bounced back and forth. If you have any cares either way on this, please post them, so we will know.
• SHOWMEMBERS Added a "Title" field for the updated "User List" page coming with this release.

• ACTIVETOPICS -Received a slight face lift. In addition, it also now displays the amount of Views and Replies each topic has.
• ADDPOST_NEWPOLL -The buttons are now centered correctly.
• CFRM -Some code optimizations.
• GALLERY/POST_GALLERY -The photo gallery received its first round of attention. The information section has been condensed. The actual post has been moved below information section. The list of photos now appears on a horizontal scroll. This layout is still being worked on and may change several more times before released.
• HEADER -A new "RESET.css" has been added. This file will be adjusted several times before being released and will soon replace "COMMON.css"
• HEADER -Several JS lines are now synchronized to use quotes instead of apostrophes.
• MYBUDDIES -The next round of changes for the "My Stuff" pages. Buddies list finally does what you expect it to do. Clicking on the user name takes you to their profile. To send them a PM, click on the "[Compose]" item in the "Send PM" column.
• MYCOOKIES -A few items were corrected. The notice is now placed above the "Expire Cookies" button, to make it more visible.
• MYFEEDS -<generator> was finally removed. This was supposed to be gone in the 7.5.9 release. I'm not sure how it made its way back. But its gone now. Again.
• NEWPOST/NEWREPLY -MarkupSelect will be hidden if the user only has one option available to them. That single option will be the one that is used.
• NEWPOST/NEWREPLY -"Post Preview" now displays your post as it would when you are about to post it. It's displayed in POST_SIDE format; Your name on the left. Column separator. A preview of your post on the right of it. If you're creating a reply, the post you're responding to will be laid out similarly.
• NEWUSER_SIGNUP -The new user registration page underwent a major makeover for preparation of the now responsive forum layout. Mobile users should have an easier time joining your forum with this new page.
• SHOWMEMBERS -Part of becoming social is finding people around you with the same interests. You are now able to search for users by their profile's location field. All from the same search box in which you would search for them by name.

• A lot of code optimizations throughout the template files.

NOTICE: At the time of this post, UBB.threads 7.5.10 is very much still work in progress. This current code will change several more times before being published to the Members area of This *WORK IN PROGRESS* code is not available for download or purchase. This series of progress reports is being made public to share the development progress on UBB.threads. Items may be pulled from the final release or may be reworked to have a different presentation than what is depicted in this post. This is very much WORK IN PROGRESS and not by any means "final."

Current developer of UBB.threads PHP Forum Software
Current Release: UBBT 7.7.5 // Preview: UBBT 8.0.0
isaac @ // my forum @
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