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Joined: Jul 2001
Posts: 1,157
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coffee and code
coffee and code
Joined: Jul 2001
Posts: 1,157
Likes: 81
7.6.0 Progress Snapshot Report: "Time to go to work baby. Let's do it."

Rather than a detailed changelog, I'm going to do things a bit different this time around; Snapshots.

First, lets bring everyone up to speed on how we work. UBB.threads is an ongoing project to us. We are enthusiastic about this product. We work on it just about every day. We are very close to a release date. But before that can happen, we have a few loose ends still to tie up -- login, view/edit profile, whos online pages, and obviously the software installer, among some other things.

To help us progress faster, we generally create snapshot builds right before moving forward with the next big changes. When a new snapshot is posted for the testers, a summary of all the changes within that snapshot is written so they will be aware of and can evaluate each change as noted. This also gives the testers a reference-point of what build they are testing when they do find and report a bug. As "snapshot" is a general source control (version control) term, a snapshot version indicates a view of the source code taken at a specific time. These raw snapshots let them review the software as it is being developed.

The Snapshots:
• Admin/Forum Image Picker and Stock Avatar Picker have both been updated with a clean interface and are now mobile friendly.
• Style Picker within the Profile Settings now displays the style names with spaces instead of underscores, just like the footer style picker and the style settings within admin.
• common.css was updated to allow responsive display for Video Embeds.
• All JavaScript entries have been updated for HTML5 standardization.
• Show Profile received some minor tweaking to allow the buttons to wrap as needed.
• More code cleanup of "// end" comments from ubbthreads.php, /ubb_js/pt.js and ubb_jslib.js.

• "File Manager" is now "Attachment Manager."
• Attachment Manager display saw additional display tweaks.
• The pop-out window sizes for new/edit/reply post attachments are now consistent.
• "Moods" is now "Mood Emoticons."
• The Mood Emoticons selector has been fixed. It now opens in all browsers. The display is now also mobile friendly -- this will also get a nice responsive design layout update soon.
• Some "Forum Help" wording has been updated to reflect the recent section name updates.
• "Mocha" is a new style sheet and has been created for distribution as part of the UBB.threads package. A bit more tweaking and some case consistency corrections are needed before it can be considered complete. More templates are planned.
• "ubbcentral" style was also slightly tweaked.
• A few more language corrections have been done.

• Time Zones have been implemented. No support for DST at this time.
• Admin's Language Editor and Database SQL Command pages were cleaned up.
• More admin "submit" buttons had their presentation standardized with the rest of the admin button settings; correct padding and css formatting.
• So much CSS optimization was done.
• Minor tweaks to the "ubbcentral" style.
• UBBT's mailer language items have been given some attention.
Other than the time zone implementation, mostly everything within this update is related to the admin section and moving its inlined HTML to CSS... and an extremely minor GWMT edit to hopefully work around any "content-duplication" flags.

• Removed HTML style code from the templates and instead using CSS code within the admin/membermanage and the admin's wrapper page.
No layout or other notable changes at all. These changes were purely for HTML validation.

• Dashboard and Portal Island configuration pages were rearranged to flow in the proper order, and are now grouped correctly.

• IPv6 support was added. The IPv6 displays still need some attention, but UBBT 7.6.0 is now good with it.
• SFS also received a ton of attention, including a solution for IPv6 addresses if your site has SFS turned on.
• The dashboard's news feed was fixed.
• Featured Member Island no longer displays the avatars with incorrect proportions.
• Portal is now just called "Portal" - rather than "Portal Page" or "Main Portal" or "Portal Index" or even "Main Portal Index Page"
• Forms are also now just called "Forums" - rather than "Forums List" or "List of Forum" or "Forums Index"
• Portal Islands are now just called "Portal Islands" - rather than "Portal Box" or "Portal Island Box"
• Removed a bunch of obsolete language entries. Confirmed as obsolete and unused. Both in User and in Admin sides.
• ADMIN received a lot more polish. Entry boxes are now 100% width. Previous was 98%. In UBBT75x series, they were fixed widths.
• Portal Settings page was cleaned up a lot and is straight forward and not confusing.
• MAILER was slightly updated to more clearly mention that the recipient should not reply to the email. More attention will come to the email formatting before 760 is released.
• Mail Thread and Notify Moderator pages have been rewritten. They now look pretty.
• Post "Edit Reason" had some additional formatting updates.
• SMARTY settings were updated to not double-up on spaces when removing html from txt.
• ADMIN Dashboard has a sprinkling of attention. This page is due for its face-lift very soon. Soon.
• The Preview section for EditPost and NewPost pages were fixed. No more large images leaking out, and pushing the page content around. Big thanks to Mark_S for finding and reporting this one!
• Updated lightbox from v2.7.1 to v2.8.1
• Updated jquery from v 1.11.0 to v2.4.1
• Cleaned and standardized a bunch more of the overall code formatting.
• Fixed some Chrome "wonkeyness" happening within the CP.

• The login and registration pages still look a bit "off," but they are fully functional and anyone using the snapshots wont have an issue beyond layout spacings.
• portal, cfrm, and postlist all validate 100% as HTML5 with zero errors.
• several of the side islands are updated.
• A lot of other pages and functions items were given attention.

• More long-standing issues from 7.5.x have been fixed and a nice handful of new features have been added. Its at 50% mobile right now - with about 90% of all the high-traffic/main pages being mobile friendly.
• The admin pages are pretty much done, with the exception of the Dashboard and some minor cosmetics that present themselves before release.

NOTICE: At the time of this post, UBB.threads 7.6.0 is very much still work in progress. This current code will change several more times before being published to the Members area of This *WORK IN PROGRESS* code is not available for download or purchase. This series of progress reports is being made public to share the development progress on UBB.threads. Items may be pulled from the final release or may be reworked to have a different presentation than what is depicted in this post. This is very much WORK IN PROGRESS and not by any means "final."

Current developer of UBB.threads PHP Forum Software
Current Release: UBBT 7.7.5 // Preview: UBBT 8.0.0
isaac @ // my forum @
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