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I have been using the UBB products since 1996, on UBB.Classic, and I have been around the support forums since around then as well. I've worked closely with all of the former and current UBB staff to help make the support forums an active community over the years; I have a passion for building communities.

Many of you will know me by my UBB.Central/UBB.Dev moniker of Gremelin or Gizmo; an active Administrator on the UBBCentral User-to-User forums, and the owner of the UBB.Developers Network (UBBDev). I've been providing support, and building new features, to both communities for what seems like a lifetime.

I operate VNC Web Services, a web design and development studio that I've been providing services to users of the UBB community for a significant amount of time.

I have two children, James "Trey" and Aubree; the light of my life. If you'd be interested in reading about my family, please direct yourself to, my personal family website.

Location: Portland, OR; USA
Position: Administrator
Posts Created: 199

Posted on May 27th, 2014 · Updated on November 1st, 2019