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UBB.threads System Requirements Test - 20210801

Title: UBB.threads System Requirements Test
Release: 20210801
Author: Written for UBB.threads by James Corthell, VNC Web Services
Demo: UBBWiki, UBBDevelopers
Documentation: UBB.threads System Requirements Test
Support: UBB.Developers: UBB.threads System Requirements Test

Developer Notes

Added: A Current MySQL Connections calculation has been added to the Maximum Allowed Connections variable
Added: Script Version Reporting (current UBB.threads Test Script version) is now also submitted with the Submit Server Information payload.
Added: The current (as of release) versions of UBB.threads, PHP7.4, and PHP5.4 are now displayed for max/minimum release comparison.
Change: PHP5.4 is now a minimum (due to now utilizing the PHP Short Array Syntax)
Change: Fontawesome CDN version updated
Change: UBB.threads URLs have all been updated, VNC Web Services properties (VNC Web Services, UBBDev, UBBWiki) and UBBCentral no longer utilize WWW in the URL
Change: The minimum/maximum UBB.threads version calculation has been retooled and PHP8 is now a factor in calculations (which results in an error as UBB.threads v8 has yet to be released).
Fix: Properly defining arrays prior to utilizing them
Fix: Properly sanitizing both $config arrays (parsing is now done within the while loop vs relying on filtering earlier in line)

Author: James Corthell (Gremelin)
Download: here (This file is hosted on our server)
Downloaded: 29 Times
Size: 19.29 Kb
MD5: e4f9e45775cc690f87fab517591948ed
SHA1: 637ef76a2bc6215242312c657adad289b7274a0e
Posted By Gremelin Posted on August 3rd, 2021
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