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Private Board Closed to Guests · Article

Some users miss the feature we had with classic, where we could have a completely private board where we don't allow guests at all to view any features.

This can be accomplished with some code changes to the stock code and will work in the UBB.threads 7.x series.

The first step is there is a value in the scripts called "regonly"; to completely close the board there are two files to edit. In your forum folders under scripts you will find and

Using a text editor such as notepad search for the value:
regonly" => 0

In both of the files, change the value to:
regonly" => 1

You'll want to make sure that any time you edit a file in UBB.Threads that you use something like NotePad or EditPlus. Other editors such as HTML Editors or Wordpad could add extra data to the file which will break it until they're removed.

Upload the two updated files to your site via FTP.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 4th, 2014
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