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Configuring Limited Groups · Article

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Configuring a Newbies Group (graduating to the Users Group)



Some forum owners like the ability for new users to have to reach a specific amount of posts in order to have access to additional site resources. For example, new users would have to have 25 posts in order to send Private Messages.

This is relatively simple to do with the groups system since out of all of the groups that a user belongs to, the higher the value, the more resources they're allowed.

An example being, if the user belongs to the groups "Newbies" and "Users", and the "Newbies" group has 0 allowed Private Messages (Site Permission, "Total # of Private Topics Allowed"), and the "Users" group has 50, the permissions of the "Users" group would override the "Newbies" permissions.


Configuring a Newbies Group

(graduating to the Users Group)
First, make a new group, make a "Newbies" group:
CP -> Permissions -> Groups -> "Add New Group" tab (at the bottom of the page)

Then set the new group permissions to have the lowest values you'd be comfortable with:
Forum Permissions: CP -> Permissions -> Forum
Site Permissions: CP -> Permissions -> Site

Your users group at this point should have more resources than the newbies group (or simply enabled options versus "0" for the permissions of the newbies group), otherwise, reconfigure your "Users" group now.

Then set the new group that users join when they sign up to the new group (and remove the users group):
CP -> Membership -> Registration Settings -> Default Group(s) for New Members

Then you'll want to configure the users group to be a postcount group (so when users hit X amount of new posts they'll be automatically placed in the "Users" group):
CP -> Permissions -> Groups -> "Posts"
Posted on May 28th, 2016
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