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What happened to Picupload? · Article

What happened to Picupload?

Picupload was a modification for UBB.threads v7.5.x, created by David Hale which allowed for the simple upload and embed of image files into a post. The resulting uploaded images would display within the post (versus displaying as an attachment).

So, what's stock?

The stock attachment manager left a lot to be desired; it's seen very little updates since it was first added to UBB.threads. In v7.6.0 we updated the stock UBB.threads upload manager and enhanced the overall system, so that uploaded images display as thumbnails that can be clicked and opened with Lightbox.

Since files are managed through UBB.threads they can be managed, and removed from the server, by the users who uploaded them; additionally, the system respects the UBB.threads attachment settings and group permissions, and the system is mobile capable.

Problems with Picupload

1) It does not natively handle files that are not images - If you allow file attachments other than images you're not going to be able to upload them.
2) It disables the built-in file attachment settings - Basically, it doesnt respect the forum settings for attachments. (You can only upload files with .jpg or .png extensions (not including ".jpeg"), even though the specified 'ATTACHMENT_TYPES' => '.gif,.jpg,.jpeg,.png,.css,.txt,.pdf,.gz,.rar,.tar,.tgz,.zip' allows for them)
3) The elements in the interface buttons are too tiny to tap on, making the page difficult to use for mobile users.
4) If you click (or tap, on mobile) outside of the picupload window, you've lost everything you uploaded; EXCEPT the file still sits on the forum's servers (or these files may just sit in a temp directory until XX criteria is met.)
5) There is no count to show how many things you've attached once you leave the window.
6) It adds another database table, one where the files and date dont get pruned when you delete posts or topics with attachments.
7) No official upgrade path from version to version of UBB.threads - It's a modification, and is not maintained by the developers of UBB.threads, so changes to UBB.threads can ultimately result in the script no longer functioning.
8) If the file names have spaces, they are stored on the server also with those spaces. (exa mp le.jpg)
9) If you upload a file on a Linux server that begins with a dot, and the file will be hidden (.example.jpg)
10) If you upload a file, then preview it in a post and decide that you no longer want it, you cannot just go back and delete it from the server. You can remove it from showing in a post, but it will still stay on the server.
To expand on #10, if I submit the post. then read it and want to make changes with EDITPOST, I have no access to the file, it still exists on the server somewhere. I can remove the url link from my post content, but this does not control the actual file, and I cannot remove the old one. So, if I have topic where I constantly update the post to have attachments of a new version of my screenshot/document/software file, I cannot remove the old version screenshots/versions form the server. but can upload additional screenshots/versions.

Posted By Gremelin Posted on March 9th, 2017
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