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I have lost my UBB.threads License Information! · Article


As we (UBBDev and VNC Web Services) are contractors for UBB.threads, are not employees of UBBCentral, and we have no say in the day to day operations of their business, we've made this troubleshooting article to aid users in locating their license details (there is very little, outside of this article, that we can do).

License Generations

Licenses at UBBCentral come in several generations, the most common are below:
UBBT-YYYYMMDD??-RANDOM-??:Number (UBB.threads year 2000+ until feature sets of UBB.threads and UBB.Classic where merged, and UBB.Classic was shelved; number is only higher than 001 when you've purchased more than one license in this order)
YYYYMMDD??-RANDOM-??:Number (UBB.classic year 2000+; number is only higher than 001 when you've purchased more than one license in this order)

Login with Your Forum ID

If your license is attached to your Forum ID you can simply login to the Members Area with your forum information. If you still have access to the EMail Address that you purchased your license with, then you can use the "Lost license info?" box within the Members Area as well.

Check Past EMails

If your license does not belong to your Forum ID, and you cannot locate it based on the generation listing, then you can try searching your emails from: or

Support Ticket

If you cannot locate your license based on the tips above, the only other coarse of action that you have is to file a Support Ticket to see if the staff at UBBCentral can locate your license.

Forum Postings at UBBCentral

Where the Community Forums are a User to User discussion (and a great way to communicate with the contractors from UBBDev), the current owner of UBBCentral does not frequent them; any requests for Official Support will be directed to file a Support Ticket (see above).
Posted By Gremelin Posted on December 11th, 2017 · Updated on December 13th, 2017
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