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UBB.Wiki New Systems · Blog

As of October 5th, 2014 we've migrated away from utilizing MediaWiki for the UBB.Wiki Project and are now using a custom solution.

The main reason for this change where all of the constant bugs and walls we've hit while managing items in MediaWiki, especially with the upgrade script, which made running a secure and "up to date" version nearly impossible.

You'll likely notice that the system itself matches the VNC Web Services UI and Systems (which themselves exist for several other sites).

We hope to be able to provide you with the same level of service which we have been providing over the years, only with a better design and better systems.

If you're crafty enough to find a long standing bug that exists in the new system (which I'm working on squashing this week) you get a cookie :P.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 4th, 2014
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