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Adjustments and New Code! · Blog

We've been redeveloping a lot of the CMS code here at Wiki in the last month or so; we wanted to make it easier for us to provide more content rich articles (basically making it easier to put photos in entries) and figured that since we where working on SSL support within UBB.threads that we should make sure the CMS code here can support it as well to reap the same benefits, which you'll learn more about in the coming months (teaser much?).

We've done a ton of work since we chose to stop utilizing Mediawiki, and overall we're happy with the change; the site is cleaner, we're using much less resources on the server, and our caching code is keeping MySQL database usage at sane level.

A lot of the recent updates here with the CMS code is primarily back end work; how things function, trying to pull a little more speed out of the site. In the latest of short term updates, we're optimizing how our coding for each site section's admin panel functions; optimization for each area trims a couple of Kb per file, and we're hoping that when we're done it'll trim off at least 100Kb of code (which is quite a bit) through optimizations (why should UBB.threads get all of the attention, lol).

We hope that you've enjoyed the site over the years; remember, we've been users of UBB.threads for years, just like you; you deserve documentation, it's what we do!
Posted By Gremelin Posted on March 28th, 2015
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