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UBB.threads Admin and Moderator FAQ · FAQ Entries

Hosting UBB.threads on an Intranet or Private Network · An inquiry was recently made at UBBCentral regarding hosting UBB.threads on a private network (intranet) with no access to the internet; basically asking if any UBB.threads features would be unavailable for them. UBB.threads uses several APIs for var
How do I move a post? · Under each posting you'll see an edit link; click on that and on the next page you'll see a move this post and it's replies button, click that and choose the new forum for the posting.
How do I move a thread? · On the thread you'll have several buttons above the first post, the third of which is Manage Topic, under this button there is a Move / Merge this Topic link; once you click this you'll have options to move the topic to a new destination.
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