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Bug Reporting Guidelines

When providing a Bug Report, please include the following information:
Required (if relevant)
• What version are you running? (Ex: v7.6.0 - Snapshot 20160704)
• What is the problem? (Ex: The time is wrong, it's showing as XX.XX.XXXX XX:XX XX)
• What was your expectation? (Ex: I expected Daylight Savings Time to be observed.)
• What is the Page URL? (Ex: /ubbthreads.php/forum_summary.html)
• How can we replicate this behavior? (Ex: I was returned to the URL after making a new post.)

• URL to your Beta Install. (Ex:
• Screenshots of the issue, as they allow us to see what you are seeing. There are many tools for creating a screenshot (such as the Nimbus Screenshot addon for Firefox, or pressing the Windows Key and the Print Screen key in Windows [the screenshot will be saved to your "My Pictures" folder]).[/note]

• Please keep support requests, bug reports, etc. on the thread created for that release; an example would be the v7.6.0 Snapshot thread.
• Please fully describe your issue in your initial report; it'll save everyone time during the support process.
• Where we would love for users to be running current code at all times, we would like to request that you be running the latest beta release before requesting support on a feature (as a lot of coding changes in each snapshot release).
• Unless requested, we would prefer that code submissions be kept to a minimum as it takes a significant amount of time to fix things the correct way (changes to language strings, for example, must be added to the installer, upgrade utility, and the language files). Taking breaks to look at supplied code changes can add significant time to the development cycle, especially when we're outside of the roadmap discussion for that version.
• Any proposed changes are done in a specific process to ensure a complete change to the package at once.
• Any proposed changes must follow proper standards, both web-based and internal.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 9th, 2017
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