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Beta Tester Expectations and Information

Basic Information
• Beta release software, just like your licensed software, is not public coding; anyone sharing pre-release software to users outside the beta group will be immediately removed from the beta group.
• The beta program is not public, we would appreciate any discussions here remaining private; an exception would be if the developers are discussing something publicly or if the associated discussion is in regards to features on your install (or UBBCentral/UBBDev) that are visible to your members.
• Support is extremely limited on pre-release versions; there are only two developers who're working on coding and we both have outside obligations (day jobs, and in the case of Gizmo there are children and related obligations as well). Bugs will be fixed, however there may be a brief period before we can work on associated changes.
• Users running pre-release versions cannot follow the standard path for upgrading to a final release; file updates and changes to the database will need to be made manually to the finished build.
• We recommend that you roll updates out on a private beta site before running them out to your live forums, as there may be disruptions for your users. Pre-release code can be extremely unstable, or completely stable, depending on how much time has gone into the code that you're testing. New features can have bugs and could just outright not work; but at the same time, it could work perfectly fine the first time (:crosses fingers: no whammy's).

Bug Reports & Feedback
• Please keep support requests, bug reports, etc. on the thread created for that release; an example would be the v7.6.0 Snapshot thread.
• Where we would love for users to be running current code at all times, we would like to request that you be running the latest beta release before requesting support on a feature (as a lot of coding changes in each snapshot release).
• When creating a bug report please:
1. Provide a screenshot.
2. Fully describe the issue and any steps we would need to take to recreate it.
3. Link to an example of where this issue is currently being seen (if your forums are on a private network, a URL without your domain will be fine).
• Unless requested, we would prefer that code submissions be kept to a minimum as it takes a significant amount of time to fix things the correct way (changes to language strings, for example, must be added to the installer, upgrade utility, and the language files). Taking breaks to look at supplied code changes can add significant time to the development cycle, especially when we're outside of the roadmap discussion for that version.

• Any proposed changes are done in a specific process to ensure a complete change to the package at once.
• Any proposed changes must follow proper standards, both web-based and internal.
• Please keep Off Topic discussions to the "Chit Chat" thread.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 9th, 2017 · Updated on September 27th, 2023
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