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People Involved in the Ultimate Bulletin Board · Wiki Entries

Allen Ayres · About Allen Ayres is the founder of The UBBDevelopers Network, now owned by James Corthell. Websites Praise Cafe BellaFotografica - Southeast Texas Wedding Photography Social Networks Facebook: allenayres Linkedin: 32911972 Forums UBBCentral: Alle
Brett Pavioni · About Brett Pavioni is a former UBBDeveloper who helped create and manage several modifications which have since been added to the base UBB.threads and UBB.classic products (such as Spoiler Tags, UBB.classic File Uploader, UBB.classic Online Notifica
Brooks Weisblat · About As not much information has been posted publicly about Brooks or the UBB Systems company as a whole, we are unable to provide much information. We've found, via online research, information on the UBB Systems brand as: Brooks R Weisblat C/O UBB
Charles Capps · About Charles Capps, or simply CC, was the Perl Developer responsible for most of what UBB.Classic became. He worked with Groupee between February of 2001 until February of 2006 in Seattle, WA; USA. Social Networks Facebook: charles.capps Google+: 1
David Dreezer · About David Dreezer, or Navaho, is the V.P. of Social Strata; he was the Ultimate Bulletin Board product lead under Groupee/Infopop. He has been with the team there since March 13th, 1999. Social Networks Facebook: david.dreezer Google+: 10629447775
David Hale · About SirDude (or simply, SD) was a hired developer for UBB.threads v7.5.7 v7.5.8. Websites Social Networks Facebook: haleunit Linkedin: 144195216 Forums UBBCentral: SD UBBDev: sirdude
Ian Spence · About Ian Spence is a former UBB.threads developer who has lent aid from early versions of the UBB.threads v7 series. He was also a UBBDeveloper who released several modifications which made it into the base UBB.threads coding. Social Networks Faceb
Isaac DeCoursey · About Isaac DeCoursey is one of the current UBBDevelopers producing the UBB.threads product since version 7.5.9. Websites Social Networks Facebook: id242 Twitter: id242 Linkedin: id242 Forums UBBCentral: isaac UBBDev: isa
James Corthell · About James Corthell is from Milwaukie, Oregon; a suburb of Portland, Oregon (USA). James is a Web Developer by trade, and has worked as a cellular, computer, server, and software technician. He is a divorced father of two children; a son who was bor
Joshua Pettit · About Joshua Pettit is one of the founders of The UBBDevelopers Network and he was also a co-founder of ThreadsDev.NET, a UBB.threads development community (UBBDev began life as a UBB.Classic development site). In August of 2003 Joshua began working
Rick Baker · About Rick Baker was the initial UBB.threads creator (then WWWThreads), and former owner of the UBB.threads brand up until it was sold to UBB Systems. Social Networks Linkedin: Rick Baker Forums UBBCentral: Rick UBBDev: Rick Baker
Ruben Rocha · About Ruben Rocha is one of the Global Moderators that helps maintain the User to User forums at UBB Central. He also helps maintain The UBBWiki Project. Websites International Association of Electrical Inspectors - Florida Social Networks Facebook
Ted O'Neill · About Ted O'Neill is the CEO of Social Strata, and the original developer of UBB.Classic. Websites Social Strata Social Networks Facebook: ted.oneill.104 Google+: 110924390302655152159 Linkedin: 14587872 Forums UBBCentral: Ted UBBDev: Ted O'Neill
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