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UBB.threads v7.6.0 Changelog · Wiki


- Released: February 15th, 2017 Refreshed: February 23rd, 2017


- UBBCentral: 7.6.0 Changelog Discussion


v7.6.0 was written by James Corthell (Gremelin, UBBDev, VNC Web Services) and Isaac DeCoursey (id242,

Changelog: 2017-02-23 (Release Notice)
[FIX] Add instructions clarity to Installer during the "Create Admin User" / "Upgrade UBB.classic/UBB.threads 6.5.x" screen.
[FIX] Fix Installer /admin/login issues. These files have been corrected to /admin/dashboard.
[FIX] Fix Installer "markallread" template issues. (thanks to driv, and everyone else who reported this early on)
[FIX] Fix Installer "viewpoll" template issues.
[FIX] Fix display of Suhosin warning message when Suhosin was installed but not activated.
[FIX] Fix StopForumSpam issue where users would be returned to the main forum page when SFS could not be reached.
[FIX] Fix "nw" being placed on LastPostTime instead of LastPost, on the main Forum Category page.
[FIX] Fix Images in "HTML Only" posts expanding outside of its post container.
[FIX] Fix "markallread" forum button not functioning on some browsers. (thanks to morgan for reporting this)
[FIX] Removed within the first hours of release, developer left-over code within the shoutchat template to a language and template file located on
[FIX] Fix ShoutChat from using "/forums/" to look for its /ubb_js/shoutbox.js support library. It now correctly uses your forum's base url.
[FIX] ShoutsChat doubling the display of Shout history.
[UPDATE] Shouts history updated from 30 to 50 items.

[NEW] IPv6 compatible.
[NEW] Captcha Preview in the Control Panel is now available.
[NEW] Part of becoming social is finding people around you with the same interests. You are now able to search for users by their profile's location field. All from the same search box in which you would search for them by name.
[NEW] A new page in the Control Panel which outputs your server's suhosin setting details.
[NEW] Within the Control Panel Dashboard, if Suhosin is detected as being enabled, a warning message will be displayed, linking you to the Suhosin information page.
[NEW] View-Signature options now include showing; "Never Show", "Threads Only", "Private Messages Only", or "Always Show"
[NEW] User avatars are now a link to their profile when clicked on.
[NEW] Added HTML5 Shiv to enable use of basic HTML5 styling for Internet Explorer, Safari 4.x (and iPhone 3.x), and Firefox 3.x.
[NEW] Within the entire Control Panel, if appropriate, descriptions of what each setting does, now has an example of what should be entered. No more guessing if "Path" means "Server Path" or "URL Path." Other notable descriptive examples include what's expected to be entered in the "General > HTML Includes" boxes. They are also now presented in the correct order -- as a live HTML file would present them.
[NEW] An example parental consent and approval COPPA "Children's Privacy Policy Guidelines" file is now included within the UBB.threads software.
[NEW] Homepage URLs will now accept https as being valid. Homepage Names are also now generated.
[NEW] User profile display presentation has also been updated to a new presentation.
[NEW] Many templates were given "Major Section" comments. This will make customizations to these files a bit easier for forum owners who like to modify their default templates.

[FIX] Circumvent Mobile Chrome's Text autosizing (Font Boosting)
[FIX] The missing /admin/cp_admin.css links have been corrected to styles/admin.css - the moderator pages should work as expected now.
[FIX] Submit button styles have been corrected all over.
[FIX] Linked inline images now have an ALT= and TITLE= description of "Linked Image"
[FIX] On the user profile page, if a user had an Avatar, it would display as "true" size, sometimes pushing things out of its way. It's been fixed to keep a 160px MAX width.
[FIX] URLS are now back to using hyphens ("-") instead of underscores ("_").
[FIX] Post title in the URL is now trimmed at 70 chars. The previous code trimmed to 30 chars, which are too short for humans to interpret if they are only getting the last few words of a topic, and are practically unusable for SEO. Free SEO *samples* for everyone!
[FIX] Search now matches "ALL Keywords" by default. Previously it would just match "ANY keywords" - if you had a list of "Green Ninja Turtles," results with only "Green" could be displayed -- even if the other two words were not found. Now, all items must be in the result for it to be a hit.
[FIX] "Search Body Only" has been broken for many years. Its now fixed.
[FIX] "Search Titles Only" now searches only the titles of the first post in a thread. Previously, it would search topic-titles and all reply-titles - often leaving your search result pages filled with one single topic and a bunch of "Re: " replies.
[FIX] The "My Stuff" page Buddies list finally does what you expect it to do. Clicking on the user name takes you to their profile. To send them a PM, click on the "[Compose]" item in the "Send PM" column.
[FIX] In the RSS Feed, <generator> was finally removed. This was supposed to be gone in the 7.5.9 release. I'm not sure how it made its way back. But its gone now. Again.
[FIX] Top Navigation Menu items with a spaces in them ("Forum Help") are no longer wrapped at the space. Each menu label is as now treated as a single item.
[FIX] Within the Language Editor, htaccess is no longer displayed as a language option if it is found within the languages directory.
[FIX] The Registration Queue page now matches all other admin pages. No more small font. The StopForumSpam items have also been given a cleaner display, to match the CP's new style.
[FIX] RSS Feeds in 7.5.9 introduced a show-stopping bug when updating the headers of the MYFEEDS.tmpl and RSS_XML.tmpl files. Sorry about that. It's been corrected in this release. Also, a long standing bug (introduced in 7.5.3 as a feature) relating to feed encoding has been squashed.
[FIX] The site default language is now set, if the language settings are not configured for that visitor. For example, an unregistered user.
[FIX] All Post Buttons will no longer wrap.
[FIX] The COPPA Form page now displays correctly.
[FIX] Added new cookie related items to help prevent users from instantly being logged out just after logging in.
[FIX] If there no Featured Member is available for the Portal Island, a message will display that there is none at this time.
[FIX] In the My Cookies page, long cookies now wrap when they need to. They no longer wait for a proper word-break before wrapping.
[FIX] When paying for subscriptions, the default language that PayPal is to use when displaying its pages to your subscribers is now set by the new $lang.PAYPAL_LANG string. This is configurable within the Language Editor (Admin) and is set to "en_US" within the stock ENGLISH language file. H/t to "Morgan" for pointing out this long-standing subscription system issue!

[UPDATE] Gallery pages have been rewritten.
[UPDATE] Mailer/Emails display and language updates.
[UPDATE] Private Message/Topic pages now have a cleaner layout.
[UPDATE] Custom Island pages cleaned up.
[UPDATE] The delay between admin action pages went from 5 to 2 seconds.
[UPDATE] Removed rel="nofollow" links in posts if the post has our own url in it. For SEO.
[UPDATE] Removed the "Re: " from the last post subject. This works retroactively. Its only a display-tweak for now. This also frees-up some room for expanding the last post topic title by 4 additional chars.
[UPDATE] The separator in the page title has been changed from a pipe ("|") to a hyphen ("-"). The page title now displays as "This is an awesome topic - YourWebsiteSite dot com".
[UPDATE] Search page has been simplified. The information on the page hasn't changed, its just been split up slightly different than before. These slight adjustments make it easier to navigate and definitely make it less daunting to an unseasoned user.
[UPDATE] The search forum list has been adjusted from only showing 10 forums. It now shows 16 within the window. It's more of a simple cosmetic update that your members will probably appreciate having. It also should make things easier for them to narrow their searches to a specific forum or group of forums.
[UPDATE] In search, if "Show a preview of post body with results" was checked on, it would display the first 256 characters of the post and then leave you hanging. An ellipsis (...) has been added to the end. Now your readers will know that there is more. A very minor and a purely cosmetic update.
[UPDATE] Active Topics received a face lift. In addition, it also now displays the amount of Views and Replies, and if there are any attachments each topic has.
[UPDATE] JavaScript now use quotes instead of apostrophes within the code.
[UPDATE] A few items were corrected. The notice is now placed above the "Expire Cookies" button, to make it more visible.
[UPDATE] The New Post / New Reply MarkupSelect will be hidden if the user only has one option available to them. That single option will be the one that is used.
[UPDATE] The New Post / New Reply "Post Preview" now displays your post as it would when you are about to post it. It's displayed in POST_SIDE format; Your name on the left. Column separator. A preview of your post on the right of it. If you're creating a reply, the post you're responding to will be laid out similarly.
[UPDATE] The new user registration page underwent a major makeover for preparation of the now responsive forum layout. Mobile users should have an easier time joining your forum with this new page.
[UPDATE] "My Stuff" left menu has been reordered. Added "Who's Online." Separated the RSS "Feeds" subscription item in to its own group.
[UPDATE] Post preview has been increased form 250chars to 280chars (2x the size of a "Tweet")
[UPDATE] Print Threads has been updated to be much more printer-friendly.
[UPDATE] Moved the help-texts on the Search page in to hover-over tool tips.
[UPDATE] The Control Panel has received it's first face-lift since several years! Rather than using dark washed out colors, the control panel has been cleaned up and now uses a modern blue/ingigo/white color scheme.
[UPDATE] The Control Panel left column has been sorted appropriately to allow admins to locate desired settings with much more ease. Each section is now sorted with feature hierarchy in mind.
[UPDATE] The Control Panel "Home" (login.php) page has been renamed to "Dashboard."
[UPDATE] "Options" has been renamed to "Settings"
[UPDATE] "Board" has been renamed to "Forum"
[UPDATE] Setting titles have been standardized. Trailing colons, question marks, periods for each setting title have been removed and their names are now in Title-Case.
[UPDATE] The Language and Template Editors are no longer a set width. It is now a percentage size of your browser's width -- It's larger, so you can actually see what you're doing.
[UPDATE] Admin Footer has been cleaned up. Pipes are gone and items are now separated by middots.
[UPDATE] All submit buttons are now styled within the admin.css
[UPDATE] StopForumSpam is now checked at every login. Previously it was only checked during account creation.
[UPDATE] Sharaholic has been added to more locations; Active Topics, Categories/Forums List, Portal, Post Listing.
[UPDATE] Change Moods received a simple fix for forums that use a lot of mood icons, A scroll bar is now added to the window.
[UPDATE] SQL Errors Logs now displays in chronological order. Size is now always displayed in bytes. The reports are formatted to be more human readable.
[UPDATE] Options in the Member Manager for saving a custom search and Saved Searches are now always visible. The View/Edit Members tab items have been correctly arranged and now utilize Expandys. Registration Queue tab has also been cleaned up and no longer overflows on thin windows - It also matches the display format of the member search results page. Ban Lists tab has been given proper usage examples.
[UPDATE] RSS Feed manager in admin received a lot of layout updates done to allow the page items to be viewed and managed much more easily. In addition, the VIEWBOARD section regarding Forum RSS Feeds has been given usage explanations and settings recommendations.
[UPDATE] Style preview page has been completely updated to reflect all the current UBB.threads 7.6.x pages accurately. It now also uses all the styles within the editor part.
[UPDATE] Text entry boxes in the Control Panel that were based on a set number of columns are now based upon a percentage of screen size. In most cases, you'll now have more room to see what you're doing.
[UPDATE] If appropriate, more descriptions of what each Control Panel setting does, have been given an example of what should be entered. Some current descriptions/examples have also been updated to add clarity.
[UPDATE] Portal Island, the Featured Member registration date is now displayed as just "Month Year" -- ex; "June 2006"
[UPDATE] Moved the Forum Closed message below the forum header. This will now look like a message to the users (NEW: header/closed/footer), instead of a warning and a blank page (OLD: closed/header/footer).
[UPDATE] Visitor Comments block in the User Profile page was given a facelift. It now utilizes the space better, giving the comments more room to be displayed.
[UPDATE] The User Profile "UBB Buddies" sections has been renamed to "Friends and Followers."
[UPDATE] The user avatar sizes are now standardized in the User Profile page.
[UPDATE] All pages relating to Subscriptions have been given a nice facelift. Presentation and language strings have been updated for clarity.
[UPDATE] Previous devs left a few "profane comment words" in multiple scripts and template files. They now have all been cleaned up.
[UPDATE] Formatting converted from inlined HTML to CSS, and is now called through the CSS files.
[UPDATE] Moved the inlined formatting code out of many of the script files, and in to the respective templates.
[UPDATE] Language files have been cleaned up. Many duplicated items have been removed.
[UPDATE] Code optimizations and comment/code cleanup throughout all files.
[UPDATE] Inlined elements from legacy releases have been moved to CSS.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on February 15th, 2017 · Updated on April 3rd, 2017
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