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About the Modification
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     • What does purchasing a license entitle me to?



UBB.threads Links produces a Link Directory within your UBB.threads forum install. You can manage your links and categories from the UBB.threads Control Panel (modification of files required for embedding links to UBB.threads Links), and users can submit links to your defined categories (user submissions are checked against Stop Forum Spam, and must be approved manually from the UBB.threads Links Control Panel pages). Outgoing links are tracked and the system has logic to detect unique clicks only.

You can manage all of your link data, and allow your moderators (with user edit access to the Control Panel) to edit your UBB.threads Links data, via the Control Panel by installing the UBB.threads Admin Modification Menu and populating the link for the admin_adminmenu.tmpl admin_modmenu.tmpl files.

There are several script configuration options that affect behavior, such as displaying outgoing links, change the main page listing (top outgoing links, items with no category set, latest links, and categories only), set a max-height for images, and allow/disable user submissions.

Development by James Corthell (Gizmo/Gremelin) of VNC Web Services.


About the Modification

Requirements: UBB.threads 7.x (not compatible with UBB.threads 6.x or below)
Current Build: 20211120
License Information: This script is not freeware, it requires a license; by purchasing a license you're granted usage on 1 (one) UBB.threads installation. Any additional installations require an additional license. Updates are available for 1 year after initial purchase; after this timeframe, to aid in development costs, you must renew your access to updates (see the purchase link below for further information). You cannot freely provide this script to others without written permission from the author.
Pricing: $80 (Purchase Here)
Support: Support is available on the UBBDev thread UBB.threads Links.



 20211120 (November 20th, 2021)
Added: Ratings - Like many other popular link directory scripts we now allow you to let your users rate the sites you display. It is designed to be a member only feature, and was not developed to allow guests to vote.
Added: Users can now edit their entries, if allowed; some admin's may prefer to approve update changes and would rather be emailed about requested changes
Change: Language files have been reformatted and are easier to find what you're looking for.
Change: General code, language file, and query optimization and file cleanup
Change: Local URLs are now processed differently, making the code flow easier to work with.
Change: We're now using the built in make_ubb_url scheme vs the old in house scheme, things should operate more like UBB.threads
Fix: Several bugs related to the headings and page titles have been fixed
Fix: UserID's had not been saved for new link submissions and click counters, the duplicate link tracking should now filter excess clicks to pad hit counts.

 20200122 (January 22nd, 2020)
• Initial version released to the public.


File Listing

Your install archive will contain several files, namely:
• admin/link.php
• admin/link_manage.php
• languages/english/admin/link.php
• languages/english/link.php
• scripts/
• scripts/
• scripts/
• templates/default/admin/link.tmpl
• templates/default/admin/link_manage.tmpl
• templates/default/link.tpl
• readme.txt - A brief readme which gives basic tips on getting started, and a link here to the full documentation.



A Gardeners Forum


Install Instructions



The following configuration ticks can be found in the scripts/ file:
// Configuration
$conf["hits"] = 0; // Should we display a tally of visited links? (0*/No, 1/Yes)
$conf["limit"] = 25; // How many items per page?
$conf["listing"] = 2; // What should show on the index (0/Items with No Parent, 1/Latest Entries, 2*/Top Links, 3/Categories Only)
$conf["maxheight"] = 100; // What should the maximum height be for images in entries in pixels? (Default: 0/Off, #/Height)
$conf["ratings"] = 1; // Allow users to submit ratings? (0*/No, 1/Yes)
$conf["submissions"] = 0; // Allow users to submit links? (0*/No, 1/Yes, 2/Guests - if enabled within UBB.threads, all users are checked against the Stop Forum Spam database before submissions are allowed)
$conf["updates"] = 0; // Allow users to update their submitted links? (0*/No, 1/Yes; Guest submissions do not belong to a UBB.threads user account and cannot be edited.)
// Configuration


Frequently Asked Questions


What does purchasing a license entitle me to?

By purchasing a license to the UBB.threads Links modification you're entitled to lifetime support of the script for the lifetime period of the script. You also receive access to a year of updates for free. After the year period; updates are purchased in blocks of 1 year for $75/yr to cover development costs. Please note that you are entitled to install this script on ONE domain per license; additional domains will require additional licenses.

The UBB.threads Links modification is not freeware, it is licenseware; a separate license is required for every unique instance of the script that exists on your server.

Posted By Gremelin Posted on February 13th, 2019 · Updated on November 19th, 2021
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