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Control Panel · Wiki

Log into your UBB board as an administrator, and click the Control Panel link in the navigation bar at the top of the page. There actually is a lot of info on this page that is usually overlooked by users.

Some items are clickable to take to you other sections of the control panel.


The main page of the UBB.threads control panel is quite simple, it displays your forum statistics as well as provides you the current status of your forums (as well as a direct method of closing and opening your forums).

Home Tab

On the left portion of the main Control Panel page you'll see your forum status (weather your forums are opened or closed). You can select the link to change the status; closing the board will restrict normal usage from everyone but Administrators.

On the right portion of this same page you'll see several bits of forum information (including some statistics on your forums). In this information listing you'll see:

Forum Statistics

• Version
• Total Members. When selected will take you to the Member Management area
     • New in past 24 Hours. Shows new posts in the last 24 hours.
     • New in past 7 days. Shows new posts in the last 7 days.
     • New in past month. Shows new posts in the last month.


• If enabled in another section, It will show if you have any server errors and allow you to click on the link to view the error logs.

UBB.threads Support Links & Info

• Various links to UBB manuals, UBBCentral forums or UBB support pages.
• Latest Announcements for UBB.threads
• Announcements posted by UBB such as version updates, That will take you to the UBB site.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 3rd, 2014
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