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Master Settings · Wiki


The master settings section contains most of the initial setup information for your message board. We recommend that you go through each portion of the Master Settings and ensure that the available options are set to your preferences.


DB, Paths & URLs

The DB, Paths & URLs section contains the settings necessary for your application to understand where it is located on your server, and how it should connect to your database.

Database Configuration Tab

Unless your database connection information changes after you've set up your message board, you will not need to change the details on the Database Connection table.

• Database Server Name
• Database Name
• Database Username
• Database Password
• Table Prefix
• Use Persistent Connections

Paths & URLs Tab

The Paths & URLs tab contains the path to the location of the installation on your server and the URL on which your message board is configured to run. You will also find the options to set the path to ImageMagick's 'convert' and 'mogrify' if you have them installed on your server, which can be used for the CAPTCHA feature.

• Full URL to Main Directory
• Relative URL to Main Directory
• Absolute PATH to Main Directory
ImageMagick Settings
     • Path to Convert
     • Path to Mogrify


Primary Settings

Settings in this section include board-wide administrative options such as closing the board temporarily, censoring and numerous custom feature settings.

General Tab

The most general of the settings are configured here: the name of your community, opening and closing your board, Spider-Friendly URLs, and cookie settings.

• Community Name
• Close Board
• Closed Message
• Board Email Address
Advanced Options
     • Main Administrator User Id
     • Use specified SMTP Server
     • Allow Multi-URL access
     • Domains for HTTP Referer Check
     • Disable HTTP Referer Check
     • Show Debug Information in Footer
     • Enable Spider-friendly URLs
     • Enable HTML Extension
     • Add nofollow to links in user posts
     • Add nofollow to links in signatures
     • Enable zlib Compression
     • Cookie Path
     • Custom Cookie Prefix
     • Cookie Expiration Time

By default the section is condensed. You need to select this item to expand the list.

Logging Tab

UBB™ offers logging functionality for various activities. Both admin and referrer logs are stored in the database. If you'd like to log MySQL errors, this will take a manual step.

To enable MySQL Logging, you'll need to create a directory on your server in which the application will store the logs. Once you've created this directory, check the appropriate box on the settings page and add the path to the storage directory to the MySQL Error Log Storage Directory field.

You can view the MySQL Error Log from within the control panel. You will find a link to these logs when you first log in to your control panel. If you'd like to view these logs offline you can connect to your server via FTP, enter the log storage directory and view the corresponding file.

MySQL Logging
     • Log MySQL Errors
     • MySQL Error Log Storage Directory
Referer Logging
•• Enable Referer Logging

Censor Tab

The Censor function allows you to filter out specific words to be censored in posts made on your message board. To use this function, you must first enable it, by checking the Enable Censor checkbox. You can enter the words you wish to censor into the Censored Words field and even choose the Default Replacement Word.

• Enable Censor
• Censored Words
• Default Replacement Word
• To enter your words in the Censored Words field, enter one word per line, using on the Enter key - do not use spaces. To censor a full word, type the full word into the field. To censor any word that begins or ends with a certain string, use wildcard matching with the wildcard: (.•?) For example:

pa(.•?)cake would match "pancake" or "pattycake"
pan(.•?) would match any word beginning with "pan"
(.•?)cake would match any word ending with "cake"

Words in the Censored Words field will be replaced by the Default Replacement Word indicated. The default included is "[censored]" and will be used to replace all censored words posted. If you wish to replace a specific word with another word, follow it in the Censored Words field with an equal sign, then the replacement. For example:

pancake=waffles would replace "pancake" with "waffles"
pan(.•?)=waffles would replace any word begging with "pan" with "waffles"

Stop Forum Spam Tab

Settings for Stop Forum Spam can be found on the Stop Forum Spam page.


Feature Settings

This section includes settings that are specific to certain features, including Search, Attachments, Active Text, Markup, Private Messages, Ratings, etc.

General Tab

The General Tab includes most of the "toggle" settings - enabling and disabling functions - as well as some of the more miscellaneous functions. Here, you can toggle images in posts and signatures, visibility of profiles and the member list, markup/html, voting in polls, flood check, editing posts, private messages, member ratings and calendar event creation.

• Allow [img] tag in posts
• Max width for images used in posts
• Allow Display Name Changes
• Allow Toggle of Markup/HTML in Posts
• Enable Topic Ratings
• Enable Member Ratings
• Enable User Moods
• Send an email to users on their birthday
• Enable Calendar
• Enable Profile Comments
• Only allow Profile Comments after this many posts


Search Tab

The Search Tab contains the settings to control the search function including whether guests are allowed to search, the minimum time between searches (for flood-checking purposes), the maximum search date range (for performance purposes), as well as the minimum length of a search word and the maximum results displayed.

• Search Method to Use (See MySQL Full-Text vs UBB Internal)
• Maximum Search Date Range
• Minimum Searchable Word Length
• Maximum Results from Search

Attachments Tab

The option to attach files to postings will not be displayed on the board until the Attachments function is fully configured. To do this, you must first create an attachment storage directory on your server, give it full permissions (0777 on Unix), and add the path to this directory to the Attachment Storage Directory field.

Then, include the URL to the directory in the Full URL to Attachment Storage Directory field. Defaults have been set for the Allowed Attachment File Extensions (note that these extensions are not accepted: .php, .php3, .php4, .cgi, .pl, .exe, .bat, .reg) and the Maximum Attachment Size, but you may wish to change these.

• Attachment Storage Directory
• Full URL to Attachment Storage Directory
• Allowed Attachment File Extensions

Active Text Tab

Active Text allows you to set certain keywords to be translated into something different. Unlike the censor, with which censored words are replaced upon posting, this function replaces the word when the post is displayed, meaning that changes to this list will be retroactive. An example of use for this would be to have certain terms turned into a link or an image, e.g. anytime the name of your business is typed, it could be hyperlinked to link to your homepage.

• Enable Active Text
• Active Text List

To make entries in your Active Text List separate the word you want to replace with the replacement with a pipe ( | ) like this:

Markup Panel Tab

The markup panel allows you to choose which fonts and font sizes are available to your users. To add another entry to a list, insert the entry on a new line.

• Allowed Font Families
• Allowed Font Sizes


Gallery Settings

This will allow you to configure the base settings for Gallery Forums, including which graphics library to use, the quality of the images created, maximum size, etc.

Gallery Settings Tab

• What Graphics Library do you want to use
• Thumbnail image max width/height in pixels
• Medium image max width/height in pixels
• Full image max width/height in pixels
• Thumbnail Image Quality
• Medium Image Quality
• Full Image Quality
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