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The Membership section of your control panel contains user specific settings and actions.

Registration Settings

Many of the functions revolving around registration can be controlled. All of these settings are stored in this area of your control panel.

Basic Options Tab

Settings listed here include suspending new registrations, toggling the moderation queue and email verification, display name settings and your board rules. If you have ImageMagick 6 or GD2 with FreeType support you will also find an option to enable CAPTCHA for registrations here as well.

Registration Screen Tab

This allows you to control which profile fields are displayed, hidden or required on the new user's registration page. Five custom fields have been made available for your use. You may title these fields to your liking. At this time, radio buttons and checkboxes cannot be added to custom fields.

Reserved Names Tab

It's likely that there are some usernames you wouldn't want to allow users to register - perhaps to avoid impersonation of authority figures or otherwise. You can designate reserved names to prevent users from using these as usernames or display names.

To enter your names in the Reserved Names field, enter one name per line, using only the Enter key - do not use spaces. To reserve a full name, type the full name on one line of the field - a space can be used to separate two pieces of one name (for instance: "Community Admin" would need to have a space between the two, if you wanted to reserve the whole name with the space included). To censor any name that begins or ends with a certain string, use wildcard matching with the wildcard: (.*?) For example:

a(.*?)min would match "admin"
ad(.*?) would match any word beginning with "ad"
(.*?)min would match any word ending with "min"

Age Verification Tab

The age verification function allows your site to prevent users under a certain age from registering. The Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliancy terms require parental permission for a child under the age of 13 to access a website. Certain sites may wish to require that users be over the age of 18 to access their content. The age verification tool will allow you to set the minimum age required to register, and determine whether or not you will allow users under a minimum age to register with a parental consent form.

if you choose to allow younger users to register with parental consent, you will need to supply your own parental consent form.

If you'd like to learn more about Privacy and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, check out [ This Page].

Profile Settings

Avatars Tab

An avatar is a small image that a user can select to represent themselves in their posts. The image will display to the left of the post, just under the user's display name. You can control the various settings regarding use of avatars here, including allowing users to upload their own avatars or to use remotely hosted avatars.

Stock avatar images have been included for use by you and your users, but you can also upload your own. You can learn more about uploading your own avatars in the Images & Icons section of this guide.

Member Titles Tab

Member Titles are granted to users according to post count. As a user's post count increases, he/she will be "promoted" in member title. Default member titles and corresponding post counts have been provided, but you may wish to modify these to suit the culture of your message board. Custom Member Titles can also be granted to users on an individual basis. These titles are modified in the user's profile in the control panel. To learn more about editing a user's profile from the control panel, see the Editing a User's Profile section of this guide.

Member Management

View/Edit Members Tab

To view or edit a member, you'll first need to search for them. The Basic Search Options section will allow you to search for specific users based on basic information, but you can build more complex search queries using the criteria available in the Advanced Search Options section.

Once your search is complete, you have the option of viewing or modifying user records from the search results screen. You'll see a snapshot view of relevant member information in the search results, but to view a user's profile, you can click on his/her hyperlinked display name. To learn more about the actions available to you by editing a member's profile from the control panel, see Editing a User's Profile in this guide.

Certain actions can also be completed from this screen, including deleting, banning, unbanning, emailing, and adding users to groups en masse. To perform any of these actions, select the users using the checkbox to the left, then select an action from the Action dropdown.

Registration Queue Tab

When registration moderation is enabled, new registrations will require an administrator's manual approval before being granted membership. To enable the Member Moderation Queue, toggle the setting on the Basic Options tab of the Registration Settings area of your control panel.

If you have chosen to use registration moderation and users await approval in the queue, you have the option to approve or decline the user, as well as to re-send the verification email. Optionally, you can leave them in the queue by selecting the "No Action" radio button.

Display Name Changes Tab

As administrator, you can determine whether or not users can make display name changes, and if such changes require administrative approval. When display name changes require an administrator's approval, requests will appear in the Display Name Changes queue here. To require administrative approval on display name changes, enable the "Allow Display Name Changes?" function in your "Feature Settings -> General tab", choosing the "Yes, but all changes must be approved by an Admin." option.

Ban Lists Tab

You may wish to ban certain IP addresses or email addresses from accessing your message board. To do this, enter the IP address or email address into the appropriate field. Place each entry on a separate line, using only the Enter key to separate entries - do not use spaces. You can use the % symbol as a wildcard in either IP addresses or email addresses. For instance, if I want to ban all IP addresses within a certain range, I could accomplish that with this:


This would effectively ban all IP addresses beginning with "65.124".
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 3rd, 2014
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