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These extra tools are available to you to facilitate the administration of your UBB™ message board.

Content Rebuilder

Content Rebuilder Tab

• Rebuild Posts
• Rebuild Topics
• Rebuild Forums
• Rebuild Post Counts
• Rebuild Signatures
• Rebuild Private Messages

Pruning Scripts

• Prune Orphaned Private Topics

Custom Tag Editor

Database Tools

UBB™ includes several database tools to allow you to perform common functions without the need for a database manager.

Information Tab

The Information Tab displays a list of the UBB™ tables currently in your database, as well as basic information about the tables.

SQL Command Tab

The SQL Command Tab allows you to execute a SQL command on your database, and store that command for future use. Note: using this function requires knowledge of SQL. If you do not have a working knowledge of SQL, please back up your database tables first.

Backup Tables Tab

The Backup Tables function offers you the ability to back up your UBB database tables individually or to back up all of the UBB tables at once. Before the list of database tables is available to you, you must configure a storage directory for your backup files. To do this, create a directory on your server, outside of the webroot, where you'd like to store the backups. Give this directory full permissions (0777 on Unix). Add the path to this directory to the Backup Storage Directory field. When the test passes (use the link below the field to test), click the Submit button. Upon refreshing, the list of tables will be displayed. Always close your board before running any backup actions on your database. To close your forum, toggle the Close Board? setting on the General tab of your Primary Settings section. To backup a table, select the table and click Submit. To backup the entire database, select All Tables and click Submit. This may take a while: don't click the button twice.

Clear Cache

UBB™ relies on the caching of certain data for performance improvement. Clearing your cache is not normally necessary, as the cache is set to expire at regular intervals. If the need arises to expire your cache manually, you can do so using the button here.

PHP Info

At times during your use of UBB™, it may be necessary for you or for UBB Support to review your PHP configuration file. The PHPInfo tool will allow you to easily view the contents of the file from your browser. This tool will show you the details of the current version, memory allocations and configuration of PHP running on your server.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 3rd, 2014
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